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Today, at college, we had a substitute philosophy teacher, because our professor is on bereavement leave. During his presentation, the sub managed to segue from the early works of Immanuel Kant straight into "the myth of the vaginal orgasm." I'm still shocked and highly confused. FML
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  JackeeDawn  |  9

I wonder if his opening statement was "vaginas are smelly" fallowed by his shitty sex life stories. If he thinks their myths he's never given a girl one.


Well, the early works of Kant were uninteresting and even now hardly anyone cares. They could be compared to sex without an orgasm. I don't know how else to go from Kant's early works to mythical vaginal orgasms. I am very interested in Kant, and even I don't care about his early works.

  saksxalmo  |  20

Well, it's not really a myth. The clitoris is actually much bigger than many people are aware, so it extends around the vaginal opening. So technically it's possible to have a "vaginal orgasm" from that part of the clitoris alone. I think the myth part is the G-spot (which is still debatable, because I would imagine it's different for everyone.)

The more you know...


Didn't anyone ever tell you? It's not the size of the boat, it's the motion of the ocean!

Unless, of course, you're less than 3 inches. In which case, no one would hold it against you to use some medicinal help


So far throughout my high school career, I've had pretty awesome people for subs. One turned out to be my aunt's cheerleading coach when she went to my high school, and she was best friends with my grandma. Another sat there and told war stories. Another let us play charades. The list goes on and on.

  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

I had a sub once who tried to connect every last name with a friend of his he knew in hopes of getting comfortable with people. "Jack Anderson, are you familiar with Bob Anderson from St. Cloud?"