By mikey - 14/10/2010 13:05 - United States

Today, I realized that the full body wax I got two weeks ago that my wife told me would look sexy doesn't just make me look like a completely hairless ten-year-old boy. The ingrown hairs everywhere now make me look like someone with chicken pox. FML
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Why would you ever want your man completely hairless? D;


unless she is telling you what's for dinner. never listen to your wife!

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From experience I don't know how you managed to do a full body wax... Just getting my chest and belly waxed hurt like hell. You must have not been that hairy...if so then I don't think it looked that bad thus not needing a full body wax. Slightly hairy can be very sexy. =D If you were Chewbacca hairy then I tip my hat for you Mr. Manly Man for enduring the pain. Whoever said that your hairless body would last for 6 weeks is a liar!!!!

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I think that the correct term would be a ten year old with chicken box

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Why would you ever want your man completely hairless? D;

Agreed. I'm trying to imagine a completely hairless man, but it just creeps me out.

to look more like those idiots on Twilight.

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You can't really use "man" and "completely hairless" together. it just doesn't work. It's like saying hockey and African American. See, doesn't make any sense.

nerds like me barely even shave. it just is a waste of time that could be much better spent gaming!

Why wouldn't you? Hair is itchy and uncomfortable and getting it in your mouth is awful.

Well, this is the downfall of waxing. However, you probably should've asked/researched all about it beforehand. But, you chose to do it, so you'll have to live/deal with it the way any one else who choses to wax does.

RedPillSucks 31

Including genitalia? Isn't that painful?

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And yet a large number of men seem to think that women should be practically required to wax down there...

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Good luck in life with that attitude, deformedsurf. I imagine a lot of girls would cause you severe pain if you said that to their faces. Do you really want the full explanation of why you are wrong, or are you capable of using the internet to find out on your own?

YDI, manscaping is one thing but a full body wax? I'm pretty sure you typo'd "wife" and meant boyfriend.

frieda_fml 0

the only time and body a man should wax is his back if it's ferocisly hairy. othen than that your wife's mean. sorry about the ingown hairs.

You can't call the wife mean for having a different preference. She's only mean if she forced the OP to do it, but he just says she suggested it.

Tats nothing! Try getting waxed all over n having an allergic reaction to it.