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Today, my boyfriend and I were preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. I tasked him with going out to buy emergency groceries in case we lose power. He returned with dozens of microwave cup noodles. We're going to starve. FML
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OP here! My boyfriend bought regular cup noodles, but our building uses electricity for hot water. We ended up buying one of those hot plates, which was a good investment! Although his comment was really uncalled for, speaking respectfully to #1, I think that everyone has their own issues to deal with. We use this site for each others entertainment and to tell others general issues we have as people. Similarly to how you MIGHT post about getting stuck at home from, what maybe many New Yorkers consider, a little amount of snow and saying FML, I am doing the same about about a, what you consider, little category 1 storm. I hope your mood turns around because taking it out on someone you don't know over the internet will only cause a lot of psychological damage to you and potentially someone who is not self-actualized or confident. The area we live in is currently in danger of a power outage, but I think we're ready for it! Thank you everyone for all their warm prayers and so much more! :)

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A hurricane is a hurricane no matter where it is. People have died already. Plus living in a hurricane prone are isn't something to brag about. Shut up.

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That famous Southern Hospitality is really showing.


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A hurricane is a hurricane no matter where it is. People have died already. Plus living in a hurricane prone are isn't something to brag about. Shut up.

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I don't think Sandy is an imaginary hurricane. I don't think any hurricane has ever NOT been a real one

corruptedlol 2

That famous Southern Hospitality is really showing.

Yes, but you neglect to forget that Texas is used to hurricanes. I live in the North East and we haven't had a hurricane like this since I can remember. Try having all the snow we have, and stop being such an ass

Please. I grew up in Texas. Our "hurricanes" are nothing more than severe rainstorms; nothing like some that have hit other states.

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Bro, I live in alaska. A couple months ago we had a high wind advisory. Our wind advisory = a category 2 or 3 hurricane in the lower 48. My xcountry team didn't even cancel running practices.

You shut up,1. In the north east they aren't used to hurricanes. It is just like having a flood in the desert. The damage is more severe because things aren't made to survive hurricanes in places like New York. Oh and FYI, it isn't a 'little hurricane, it is a super hurricane. Hang in their, east coast!

#13: As have I. Some people didn't have electricity for weeks after a hurricane hit. A couple I heard of didn't have power for almost two months. But Texans pick themselves up and take what is given them.

countrygirl626 16

The hurricane is mixing with a cold front and arctic air, making the "perfect storm". I suggest you learn about what's going on with Hurricane Sandy before spouting shit. We've gotten hard rains and hard snows, but this is nothing to joke about.

That's like us from up north making fun of you guys for closing schools just for having 2 inches of snow. It's only because we are not use to hurricanes, like the south is not use to snow.

@rocker chick, actually there was one a few years ago in the north east, it wasn't bad but everyone bitched about it till after it actually hit. To everyone else I know hurricanes are bad, I know Louisiana has had even worse ones. Also I never said it was imaginary, I just said it's not that bad, be thankful it's just a category 1.

@breathemein we don't have snow where I'm from but when it ices over we have to close down because our cars and roads are NOT prepared for that but YOURS are.

You might not like it but going on a water diet isn't a bad idea. Just take some supplements and water u can last a while

That is what I was implying... We aren't prepared for the hurricane. Just like the states that are not used to snow/ice aren't prepared for that.

Don't worry pandalover69, I'm on your side. One time, this girl was talking about how there was increasing break ins in her town so she got security cameras installed, new locks and what not and I was like "Yo, I get robbed every damn day! My neighborhood is so dangerous and bad my alarm clock is someone shanking me in my limbs. I got rats on rats on rats. Someone stole my pajamas while I was sleeping. You don't know what real robbery is." Some people nowadays...

Mearemoi 14

I live in New York City. We weren't well prepared for Hurricane Irene, so of course we're freaking out over Sandy. Especially because this one has been the strongest one to hit since the 1980s.

dsbs 9


Sorry for the lack of hospitality, y'all. Would'ja care for some iced tea?

SenselessPattern 12

Ehhh, at least you're not in Florida. One of these we're just going to break off and float away to create a new continent.

Apologize for the jerk who didn't show y'all our hospitality. And truthfully, we get pretty shitty hurricanes here in Texas. I can't remember the last time we had a legitimately serious hurricane. *tips cowboy hat and rides off on his horse* Giddy-up!

#40: I take offense at that, especially from someone who's location is hsbdjsnxbd.

14 I am from Alaska, oh how I miss it D: And really, are we seriously discussing whose natural disaster is worse? Shit I'm smack dab in tornado ally, those happen at random from spring to early fall, we don't get to evacuate or get a heads up, but I'm not about to compare. So ladies, you're all pretty. Get over yourselves those who are arguing this.

I'm from the north (Connecticut) now I reside in the south ( Florida) for two years now. My first hurricane I panicked myself since it was new to me. Hurricane sandy went by already. I just thought it was a rain storm but that's because now I got used to it. Just like I was used to snow storms. If you're not used to it you'll panic just like I used to. But that's with anything new. Am I mistaken?

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you guys are starting to scare me with how bad you're saying the hurricane is going to be. D:

People have died in places it hit outside of the USA. That is common. This is why you don't live in the Bahamas and only visit there.

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@65 - It's barely a category 1 storm right now. It's going to dump a lot of rain on the northwest and cause some flooding, but in all seriousness the biggest threat the storm poses is the potential lack of infrastructure in these states to deal with hurricanes. So, yeah... it's not the "perfect storm." If this storm hit Florida under these same conditions, it would barely be in the news.

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At one, it may be only a cat1 storm, but it's supposed to collide with a cold front, which is bad. Warm air colliding with cold air will cause many problems, including the possibility or tornadoes. Not to mention it is always a bad thing when two major storms meet up with each other, so before you judge, please research. I live in Louisiana, so I know just how rough a hurricane can be and it's stupid to underestimate even a cat1. The hurricane that recently hit us was only a cat1 and it caused tons of damage in some areas.

Your an ass you have no idea what they are going through.

Try living in upstate New York where we drive through snowstorms and get slammed with like 5 feet of heavy wet snow at a time. Where you have to leave 1.5 hours early to get to work 20 minutes away. Where you drive 10 mph on the interstate and you can't see 5 feet off the front of your car. Got 4 wheel drive? Good, that won't help you when you're 50 feet off the road in a ditch. My point is don't be so quick to belittle the hardships and challenges of others. Thank you.

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Panda, you just sound like a jackass. Admit you're wrong and bow out gracefully.

Zoh_Aubrey 8

1 - **** yourself. I live in Miami. If anyone is to talk about hurricanes it's a south Floridian.

elletex 8

As a Texan myself, I'd like to apologize for 1's douchebaggery.

All these southern people comparing the hurricane in NY with the hurricanes in their own states. Yeah our hurricane is probably nothing to you, but if it ever snow 2-3in at your state, it is nothing to us too. (: Think before you talk people.

lmao now i want a cup of noodle. send them my way if you don't want them

Teehee. I had to read that over because I could pronounce douche whatever it was. It made me giggle a littlexD

I can't believe I'm so late and I can still use "Watch out, we've got a badass over here!"

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1- Try living in an area colder and less prepared conditions for hurricanes. Its freezing rain, and causes large flooding. Its been raining non stop all day. I'm not liking the fact that it can cause severe floods.. Just because you live basically in the west part of the south (You make it seem like the hurricane started in the Gulf!) doesn't mean you can brag. Try being in Florida, Cuba , Jamaica, etc. :/ OP is freaked because Sandy is major. NY doesn't really have to worry about hurricanes.. But when it does.. Bad news.

MagicGiraffe 12

I feel bad for living in Michigan where the only bad storm was the auto industry crashing :/

I live in Texas and I wanted to apologize on behalf of the asshole who left that comment. I've NEVER been through a hurricane, a lot of Texans haven't. The commenter is very wrong! A hurricane is a hurricane. No matter what, it is very devastating and damaging. My prayers go out to y'all! :)

GhostDuck 30

... The wind alone was a category 3 so far where I live, and Sandy doesn't hit us until tomorrow.

crazytwinsmom 25

At least there are storm warnings. We are on permanent earthquake watch in Southern California. We always have to be ready, never know when they will hit. I wish OP and the Northeast good luck!

1, shut the **** up. South East Asia experiences the highest non-tornadic winds known to man. Their cyclones are easily 1,000 miles wide and can reach sustained wind speeds of almost 200MPH. Your storms are only slightly smaller ******* than those of the East Coast. Unless you live in Guam, you have no room to talk on the matter. Besides, all she was referring to was the power going out, not the size or severity of the storm.

internetqueen 1

What a jerk. Not every state is as prepared for these types of storms, like your precious Texas, especially when they are extremely rare. We are taking the storm seriously because we want to be safe and prepared, I don't know why you feel the need to belittle us because of it.

The East Coast is currently dealing with snow threats in the Appalacians (up to 5 feet), The treat of a flooded NYC subway syste (not rainwater, but saltwater, and we all know how bad that could be), and billions of dollars worth of damage.

dancer4life143 13

Looks like #1 is going to win the douchebag of the year award. Just because you're used to hurricanes doesn't mean everyone is. I live in San Francisco so I'm used to always having to be prepared for earthquakes, but I'm not going to tell someone that hasn't grown up with earthquakes to "shut up and deal with it" because to them, it's probably absolutely terrifying. Just like how people in the bay area aren't prepared for snow storms or hurricanes or tornadoes. Sorry for any grammatical errors, my brains slightly fried from studying all day.

echosaints 5

I live in Vegas... What's a hurricane?

Damnit i hate all of you now. Until now i was ready to make Sandy my bitch, but now i'm starting too get nervous. There's like an hour or two until it's supposed to hit me.

internetqueen 1

136 - same. I can't sleep I'm like freaking out :(

#11: What is "neglect to forget" supposed to mean? Are you saying he remembers that Texas is used to hurricanes? If so, that doesn't really make sense with the rest of your comment.

Hey I'm in Texas too, and my boyfriend is up in New York right now. From Texas or not, a storm is a storm and some respect. Thoughts and prayers to everyone up there and hope it passes over soon.

I was REALLY hoping 1 was being sarcastic. I was like, "Since when does Texas have bad hurricanes?? They've got to be joking." I think I just lost even more hope for humanity ... Anyway, I'm in central Virginia, and it's already here. It's not bad, just a lot of wind and rain, but I pray for the Northeast when this thing hits that cold front.

BubbleGrunge 18

Pandalover, I grew up in South Florida, and we obviously get a lot of tropical activity. Let me tell you something about "all this freaking out for nothing", did you know our school system would close down up to two days before any cataclysmic storm would hit? Did you know that we bored up, and take precaution even if "it's just a category 1"? Sure, we have hurricane parties and make the most of it, but we are STILL PREPARED. And this is a state that should be called Hurricane Alley. The point is, Mother Nature can be a scary place, imagine how scary that is when it's something out of the norm. You, my friend, are presumptuous asshole. I hope the next category 1 hurricane runs through your neighborhood. After all, it's just some wind and rain.

koolkat27 13

94- At least you don't live in Minnesota where it ALREADY started snowing on Thursday.

I'm from canada we get tonnes of snow and cold how productive do u thing you would be panda in -40 cause we deal with that every year this on the other hand is rare

Lol #1 is having his shit shoved back up his ass.

icantthinkofgood 5

Shut up, dick. I lost my house in Hurricane Ike, but I can still show some compassion for others. Stop associating yourself with Texas.

I live in Norway. We have some hurricanes, but no one knows of them because we don't make a mass media mess from it. Also, you think you guys have bad snow?

All I can say to 1 is that whining about whose hurricane is bigger is not something to brag about. People's lives have been lost and that's something serious. I hope no one ever goes through a hurricane whether big or small because they can be dangerous.

Stop living in hurricane areas people!!!

#1 was probably born and raised a Yankee and just moved to inner Texas and thinks they have bad hurricanes there! I've however lived in costal Florida my entire life. So #1 why don't you come visit me during hurricane season and then you can talk!

bredahl 26

Lol everyone's cars are prepared for snow, but people who don't deal with it every winter freak the **** out over 1 cm of snow because they don't know how to handle it. Apparently, it's the end of the world if that happens. So chill, people bitching that the north are whimps when it comes to hurricanes. At least you don't have to deal with snow.

Im about to shit bricks , i wasnt nervous before i read the comments T.T

BlackBlazeCobra 16

You really need to shut up. Those in the Northeast (like me) aren't used to hurricanes, so don't go bragging. I'll await the day when Texas is hit by a massive snowstorm and you'll be whining about it. Will I tell you stop suck it up? Probably not since I'm not a douche like you.

If no one else is going to say it... I will... Why did this jerks comment not get removed? This is one of the rudest things I've ever seen on this site!

I live in NY so hurricanes are new to me. But regardless of where you live I don't think anyone can get used to seeing massive trees being uprooted and thrown about in the wind. It's absolutely terrifying outside we're sandbagging our cars and our schools and universities are closing and people are being evacuated.

I'm pretty sure they have more tornadoes than hurricanes in Texas.

What happened to the 300+ thumbs down?! Lol

1- I didn't read all 71 comments to you, but I want to post a reply anyway You can stfu, Texas barely ever gets hurricanes and they are usually there after they pummel the **** out of Louisiana (where I live) New York barely ever gets them, I can see their concern about being prepared, and worried. If you knew anything about hurricanes or New York, you'd know that Sandy has been in the ocean building strength and will be terrible. And that state isn't used to them, so their buildings aren't geared towards protecting against them like they are here. So it could possibly do even more damage. Have a little sympathy you PoS.

If you had watched anything about this hurricane, you'd know it isn't about the category, it's about the sheer size of this storm, and the fact that it's combining with massive cold front. That and we're an island, creating massive flooding and damage.

billyw02 5

So much shit from one little comment.

KiddNYC1O 20

1- Let's see how you deal with our snow... My fellow New Yorkers unite!

Mearemoi 14

Just watched the news, and the hurricane has gotten stronger. Instead of the 1980s now, we haven't gotten one this strong since the 1930s - over 80 years ago.

spekledworf 18

I live in MA and I feel that the big problem isn't so much the flooding, but all the trees that get knocked down. My area is very thick with woods and after the last storm we were stuck on our dead end street with trees laid across the road, crushing cars and houses as well. National Grid wasn't prepared at all so we had wires in the road for about 4-5 days. The Cape doesn't hold up too well with storms either. God bless everyone going through any natural disaster

What about those New Yorkers (like OP) whose streets will be flooded, possibly displacing millions? What about our neighbors On the Jersey Shore, Delaware, and the Eastern Shore of Maryland, whose homes and neighborhoods were only designed to withstand the occasional tropical storm? And my home Marlyand: we usuallly get the leftovers of the North's blizzards and the South's tropical storms. Now that we have a hurricane from the South and a hige cold front from the North, the Western part of my state has to deal with both a hurricane and a huge blizzard as the aftermath. Nothing compared to what West Virginia has coming, possibly 5 feet of snow. Try telling them the same thing.

laurennngarciaa 0

I have family in Texas. The hurricanes in Texas are normally just crazy rainstorms. I have family out on the east coast. Sure they live on a coast but they dont get THAT many hurricanes its something they arent used to. You clearly have no concern for other people. Good luck to you OP. Hope yoy went out and got something else. Never send a man to do a womans job.

GhostDuck 30

Exactly my problem. Behind my house there's a huge mass of trees, and they're so tall that if one falls, it'll go through my house; one particular one on my top deck is so close to my room that it definitely will go through my room if it falls.

T9FTW 20

Calm down, Texas. We already have Sandy Cheeks (who just HAPPENS to be from Texas) coming after us!

Bravesfan319 11

As a former Texan who now lives in Missouri, I'd like to apologize for panda's douchebaggery. I've never been in a hurricane, but a ton of tornados and those are bad enough as it is. Stay safe up there everybody.

caplox 6

what a waste of a first comment.

Cat_Lover24 2

I live in the UK. any hurricane would most likely worry us.

MagicGiraffe 12

You mean Marleyland? Sounds pretty chill

MagicGiraffe 12

^My last comment was directed at 237, sorry.

Go 69 with a panda, pandalover69 and STFU!

heyy_tharr_ 5

Baby girl, I live in Texas too and yea we've had our hurricanes, but if you were this chick you'd be freaking the **** out too, so hush.

You shouldn't be proud you live in Texas because more crime happens there. It just shows your future. THUMB UP IF YOU DON'T LIVE IN TEXAS :)

omg you're right if it hit Florida it wouldn't be news. there have been times when Texas has been hit with horrible ones and no one gave a shit. In the last bad one, which was Ike I think, my family didn't have power for almost 2 weeks but you know what I didn't post on here, we got through it and not once did I worry about my safety. That was a category 3.

The city is nearly destroyed douche bag -.-

You JUST made the point everyone else has been making, you idiot! We in the northeast are prepared for the vicious snow and ice storms, but when a hurricane makes its way up, we aren't ready for it. It's not exactly a common occurrence. Wow, there sure are some real fools on the internet.

dancer4life143 13

Pandalover69 AKA ********, have you even seen pictures of hurricane sandy in new York!? Entire neighborhoods are flooded with sand and ocean water, houses are so collapsed that it looks like there was 6.0 earthquake, streets have like 5 feet of water in some areas, just look up the pictures and see for yourself how bad it is in some areas. And yes, if that happened in Texas, people WOULD be hearing about it because it's not just some little rainstorm. Look up your facts before you act like a pig-headed moron. And I suggest you stop commenting on this thread unless you decide to smarten up and realize how rude and inconsiderate of others you are being.

hey #1. I'm from Mississippi and you don't know anything about hurricanes over there in TX so stop being a douchebag. Over here we get more hurricanes than anyone else except FL. And to all ya'll affected by Sandy I hope you are all ok and the recovery is quick. We are praying for ya'll!! God Bless!!

Finally someone gets it. Up north they are just a bunch of pussys

Im a little curious about how different everyones reactions would have been had this been posted after the hurricane with over a million people without power and billions of dollars of damages, this was a horrible storm no matter where you are from.

derpina72 23

2016 now, and Sandy ****** up a lot of stuff.

hunterluv1 20

if you're talking about Cup-o-noodles, they just need hot water. if worst come to worse just try really hot tap (if the stove won't work either.) But anyways, stay safe! Love and prayers to the East coast!

Anai08 17

Agreed, the first week of school this year, we didn't have a microwave in my dorm. One of my dorm mates improvised and just boiled the ramen in hot water. As long as you have a hot plate you shouldn't be in too bad of a shape.

It's only category one... You must be from up north

Living in Miami, my family had to be hurricane prepared. We had a mini stove powered by propane gas; I think it's a necessity even without hurricanes. You never know when you'll lose power. With that stove, you can boil water and make that ramen.

well my power just went out. im on my iphone and will be reading fmls for the next several hours. fine by me! haha

In west palm we got a little rain and enough wind to loosen some palmfronds...

raraisbang 12

Hot tap in most places is run my electricity, so unless they have a gas water heater, they won't have hot water.

You could make a small fire, put a large rock on the fire, dump the food in a pot, put on hot rock(s), boil, eat, and have fun. I've done it before.

82 - exactly what I was about to say. In fact, unless they're on municipal water, they won't have water at all. They won't be able to flush toilets, either. People don't realize how much electricity affects their lives.

47- Well we laugh at an inch of snow, while you guys are shut down for a couple of days over something that small. We each have our own type of weather fuckery that we are prepared for.

Ehm, if the power goes out how do you expect them to heat the water?...tap water won't be hot either cause the water heater wouldn't be working.

133- I dont know. We had heat before electricity was available from a outlet on the wall so there must be some way. /sarcasm 49- I have a few small propane tanks and an old camp grill for when the power goes out. I also keep about a week ahead worth of canned food in case a blizzard or something strikes and locks us in for a few days.

Just a tip: using hot tap water for food is a bad idea because it softens up different metals and other unhealthy substances in the pipes and you really don't want to ingest that... Always use cold water for food.

And what if even the water stops running?

Buy one of those portable stoves, you can cook them on the stove top then! OP might live 1 but she might lose everything she has due to the storm.

Why wouldn't they just buy more food at that point?

Mearemoi 14

#35 - Many people were already warned to stay off the streets and roads, and the lines in the stores were probably going to be super long because everyone is buying things.

55- If you had read both my comment AND the one I was replying to you would've seen I was replying to the part of her comment that said to go and buy a portable stove.

35: I said they should buy a portable stove because I think by this point most, if not all, of the food would be gone.

Or... make a fire and boil some water. You dumbasses wouldn't last a week if it came down to real survival.

Great. So where would you make that fire: outside while it's raining and storming? Inside the house? Maybe use a gas grill in the basement and get CO-poisoning? You're a great thinker...

We know you won't last through the apocalypse.

Relax if you have a gas stove u can boil water. or go out and return the food you have time it's only windy so far.

Right, I forgot hurricanes last forever and never stop. Make the fire when the wind and rain stop... And why would they even be in the hurricane zone anyway? Mandatory evacuations have already occurred. "You're a thinker aren't ya"

261: You do realize that many people tend to stay inside their houses during natural disasters because those people are dearly attached to their possessions.

Do YOU realize what 'mandatory evacuation' means?

*trustworthy, sorry bitch I had to do it. Raw could work add some lemon and hot sauce preferably Valentina and bam you got yourself a meal.

Valentina's!! I got the big ass one in my fridge right now. For real though, in a non-emergency setting... top-ramen, or whatever kind of noodles you're making, throw som sriracha sauce and an egg or two in there and it's a new way to way noodles that's more flavorful and more rich in protein.

You all know that by eating raw noodles, the noodles can get bigger in your stomach with the "moisture" of your stomach. This can lead to constipation and it can kill you if you eat to much of it because it's to much for your tummy to digest while the food gets bigger. People actually really died like this. So I really highly recommend no one to eat raw noodles. You never know how your stomach will digest it.

HaiImJulia 3

I don't always stock up for a brutal hurricane, but when I do, I get electricity required noodles.

And if we are lucky, it will probably just end like last year. As far as I see, nothing major is happening yet.

Thejackel79 9

Excuse me "end like last year". A hell of a lot of people lost their homes near where I live so ending like last year is not exactly a good thing.

113 I'm not saying I want it to end like last year, I'm saying I rather it does smaller damage like last year than major damage like predicted. If it hit, whether it is big damages or small damages, something will happen. If we can pick, of course nobody want this to happen, but we call know this can't exactly be prevented.

bRower 3

87- last year we lost power for a week, both for hurricane Irene and the freak snowstorm. I suppose it's better than two weeks without power, but it was still bad.

missababgaga 19

He's male... Next time give him more clear instructions as to what "emergency groceries" are.

Just make sure you have a gas oven and a lighter and you'll be fine if u don't have that get a burner. Hope that the Hurricane isn't as bad as they say its going to be

Jeterforever 3

People are making to big of a deal over it. Honestly by the time it hits me (Rochester, New York) it'll only be rain and wind. Yeah I might lose power but I don't need to go out and stock up in food like other people.

internetqueen 1

Are you a meteorologist? They said to expect extended power outages. There is nothing wrong with being prepared.

Yeah, 67, except it won't, because it's headed toward a cold front. It's just wind and rain right now in Virginia, but it's going to get a lot worse.

missababgaga 19

Men usually don't know too much about things regarding the kitchen and food... Just as long as they don't have to make it themselves :p That's what us women are great at doing!

gczizza1997 15

Well if the microwave isn't working, the stove probably wouldn't be anyway. So pretty much getting soup in general is pointless, microwavable or not. He should've gotten food that can be eaten raw.

gabe222 25

Ever heard of gas stoves? They are pretty common... Aside from the electric pilot just use a lighter...

OhDearBetrayal 25

This reminds me of the sitcom Married with Children where Peggy cuts the cord to the stove and blames that for her lack of cooking. Of course Al tells her that it's a gas oven.

19, I think OP is 100% aware that tho was pointless. That is why this is an FML.

LO388 7

Sounds like your boyfriend has spent a little too much time standing in front of the microwave. His brain cell must be lonely.