By linzl00 - 06/12/2013 12:21 - United States - Springfield

Today, the "man cold" has infected my brother. He honestly thinks he's dying. He only has the sniffles. FML
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Maybe tell him to "man" up?

Guys are usually like that. If men had periods, they'd check into the hospital for a week per month and drugged up on morphine.


Maybe tell him to "man" up?

Metallica - Creeping Death.

Aaaaw poor guy, get well soon, and OP you should consider talking to him, before he totally loses it.

Is this like the infamous man bun, "mun" or man scarf, "marf?" Because this man cold, "mold" could potentially kill him.

don't forget man purse, "murse".

It's the second most deadly disease known to man, after "Man Influenza"

Dress up as the Grim Reaper.

But BOC specifically tells us "Don't Fear the Reaper".

What's a man cold?

Well, its when a man, gets a cold....

And how is it different from when a woman gets a cold? Does "man cold" really need to be its own distinct thing?

Yes because men act like they're dying and need to be babied when they have a cold. Not all do but I know plenty of men who act like this

I don't know any that do actually act like that. You must know a lot of babies.

Thank you, Piggle. I was confused as to how a man getting a cold is any different than a woman getting one.

@4 I was going to ask the same thing. i never go around saying i have a women cold. Men... you can't expect to be respected as tough if you act like a baby. Of course, the same goes for women who insisted to be respected but then want a guy to totally take care of them...

So is there a difference between a man with a cold and a man with a "man cold"?

None of my (male) friends act like that when they get a cold.

Even the biggest of men cry for their mommies when they get sick

How many of you are there?

Everyone likes to be doted on, now and again. There is not anything wrong with that...

There is when those same men expect their wives/girlfriends to put in a full 9 hour shift and cook and clean, while sick.

I was once expected to paint the kitchen ceiling with a head pounding, mucous filled cold. and I did it cause it was actually easier than making my now ex understand what a prick he is.

33 you actually did it?! I don't know what to say except it was pretty dumb on your part. A simple "I'm sick and I can't" should've sufficed.

Ugh, I hate those colds. You don't look so sick from the outside, but you can't breathe and your whole face feels swollen and your entire body aches and each breath feels like you're breathing in pure liquid...I hope he feels better soon.

According to your profile your a woman.. how could you be experiencing a man cold if your a female... transgenderism may be the case here.

I dont care ir you're a guy or woman but I feel everything u wrote down...I feel like shit

Most "man colds" that I hear about are of the more severe variety rather than the sniffles. The only difference is in how each gender stereotypically deals with said cold. I may not be a man, but I do get bad colds and loathe them.

Guys are usually like that. If men had periods, they'd check into the hospital for a week per month and drugged up on morphine.

If men had periods, they'd be in drug induced comas from all the drugs they'd be taking to stop it.

I'd argue with you 10 but if that happened to me I'd scream and run repeatedly into a wall till I knocked myself out.

So maybe our painfully monthly periods explains why some women have a higher tolerance for misery than some guys do? When others are sick I have empathy because I know it sucks to feel ill. I'd cater to it only if the favour of being looked after during my turn of not feeling well was returned. (:

if I had periods I'd want to mainline morphine too.

Mainlining morphine is fun all the time, why wait until you're in agony?

Give him last rights as a prank.

Man flu is viscous, surprised you both are alive

What's the viscosity? Ahaha

Maybe all of the thick mucus said brother is producing is very viscous ;)

your brother is a sorry excuse for a man

You're unnecessarily rude.