By CinnamonBunny
Today, I found out that the woman who has been secretly sexting my husband for the last two months is my new co-worker. I have to train her. FML
CinnamonBunny tells us more :
OP here. Just to clarify: - I found out about the texts a month or so ago when she sent one just as we were cuddling in bed. That was fun. - Husband had not responded to her texts the way she would like, but he hadn't exactly told her to fuck off either. He just kept bleating on about how they were supposed to be friends. Ostensibly it's because they worked together (we all work for an IT company but they were in a different department) and he didn't want to cause trouble but I think it's more that he quite liked the attention. He is well and truly in the doghouse. - She is well aware of our marriage and had met me several times prior to sexting my husband.
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Although, if the woman didn't know, it wouldn't be her fault, I'm sure it would still be awkward and hurtful for OP to have to work with her. Which, I assume, is the reason why they posted the FML.

By  jeffprobs  |  20

Mug her intensely at all times, but seriously you should have a serious conversation with your husband. He is the one who made the vow, and the one who should keep it. That girl is a bitch, but the true villain is your husband


The post said nothing about the husband being unfaithful. It could honestly just be some creep texting him when he doesn't reply at all. Need more details to call him out for being a bad guy

  jeffprobs  |  20

If you are "secretly" defying someone, that implies she was not suppose to find out. Which then means her husband knew and did not tell her, whether he replied or not is irrelevant, but the fact that it was kept from her is the most concerning issue. Communication is key in a long lasting relationship


OP also mentioned the fact that it's been an on going thing, which may imply that the husband may have even been up front about the whole thing. It's really easy to harass someone via text messaging, and even if your phone has a block function, what's stopping the person from using text free? You can literally just change your number for no reason. All I'm saying is give the man a chance before you cast him to the flames. You would want the benefit of the doubt too

  Idontevenknowwhattoput  |  4

I like the way you think! XD

By  mnshdw818  |  3

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  lilithfury  |  23

Yes! Exactly!
It's the husband who broke vows.
If they were sixteen for two months, he obviously wanted to.
It's not like he was forced or anything.
And there's plenty of ways to get rid of a problem at work.
Especially when you are in the position of training them.
Just be careful that she won't pull any dirty tricks to make you lose your job before you even have the chance to act on any form of Defense.

  Lalala579121  |  27

Secrets can be discovered. I'm sure based on the wording OP happened to see the texts and found out that way.

And it may be just as much the woman's fault as the husband's, if she knew about his marriage. Even if she didn't, OP isn't exactly going to be comfortable around her.

By  Tripartita  |  44

"Well, you see, you used the contraction of 'you' and 'are' when you meant to use the possessive 'your'. The message should read, 'Your cock gets me so wet'. Try sending that; he loves that sort of stuff."