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Today, my new deodorant caused an allergic reaction, covering my armpits in a painful rash. I've had to awkwardly waddle around all day with my arms splayed outwards to get any relief. One customer at work sarcastically mentioned that it's nice that they're hiring penguins these days. FML
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I can only imagine if you worked in a restaurant... "Oh hi folks! Waddle it be today?"


You should have responded with "at least penguins are likable, unlike you!"

Just taking a wild guess here, are you unemployed? Edit: the real question is why is she waddling? Did she put some deodorant on her hoo-hoo as well?

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Are you telling me you're not supposed to apply Old Spice down there!? I've been using it on my taint since like, ever. I couldn't continue living life if some cute girl had to plug her nose while she was tossing my salad.. I mean, who honestly could deal with such an embarrassing situation like that!? I'll stick to using my deodorant my way until, well.. Well until I'm quite tired of getting my ass licked out!

41- I think you should have stopped it a bit earlier. It got rather disturbing pretty quickly

CallMeMcFeelii 13

Haha, yeah..I may have gone a bit too far on that one. But hey, maybe I was able to persuade just one ambitious mind to follow their dreams and take the path not many dare to walk down. I speak to the people, the people who will decide that today is the day they want to go just a little above where they have already been, an opportunity to really dig deep into ones thoughts. A place.. A place of enlightenment not just for one, but for all.

dude. it's either coca cola or pepsi. choose one

Im liking "icy" better than "sticky" or "shitty"

Rainhawk94 27

I'm liking giving your comments the cold shoulder

Penguins are awesome they mate for life

#3 That implies they have nonstop sex their whole life... which isn't true, but would make someone kill to be able to do that.

He should have said they have the same mate for life.

happyfingers 15

That is what "mate for life" means. #22 is just being a smart ass. And a bit of an idiot.

I would argue that that's not what "mate for life" means, but I'm pretty sure everyone got the point. Number 22 was just trying to be funny by nitpicking every little word.

#47 I find that insulting! I am more than just "a bit of an idiot". I am the whole idiot.

I can only imagine if you worked in a restaurant... "Oh hi folks! Waddle it be today?"

The customer could have a job as well!

1: The customer most likely has a job of his own. 2: Insulting customers like that is the fastest way to the unemployment line. OP won't have a job for long.

Take it in stride. Don your best Arnold impression and say "I PICK THINGS UP AND PUT THEN DOWN!" whilst waddling around.

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Why do you have your arms out so awkwardly, why not just use some soothing cream? Some aloe would probably do the trick...

Rainhawk94 27

pretty sure she can't because she's working.

Well if OP works in a market they could just swipe a handful from a bottle :)... I find it so hard to believe a deodorant could cause reaction that bad... I wonder if OP shaved with a dull razor or something, and the deodorant only further irritated extreme razor burn.

AnOriginalName 19

#21 I've had deodorant cause bad enough reactions to cause me pain. It's just because I have sensitive/bad skin.

FairyTaleZombies 6

I hate to admit it, but I can't wear any deodorant due to my extremely sensitive skin. So yes, an irritation there does hurt that bad and can happen from it. Even my bathsoaps and shampoo, I have to be careful what I buy. Luckily, I'm a tiny lady that is cold natured so not too much worries about being sweaty and stinky since it has to be at least 82 degrees for me to even feel comfortable. Also, I have some nice body spray I can use that doesn't irritate my skin. :)

I suggest not using ANY deodorant until that goes away to avoid any further rashes irritating it more. sorry op. that really sucks.

Use some baby powder instead... Since going without deodorant completely isn't the best idea.

OP probably used lady speed stick. That shit BURNNNNS

I feel sorry for people that can't go a day without deodorant... Not all of us require such aids to be presentable.

Awkward armpit situations are the worst, sorry op