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never heard the term "sex nose" before. i might have to use it now

At least he didn't sneeze...


Thats just plain nasty!

Seriously, who the fuck does that in front of a drive thru window?

people have the balls to do some cray stuff these days.

Oh... You're NOT supposed to do that in the drive through? Shit...

I work at bk and I'm glad I haven't seen any crazy shit like that....yet

Who calls a penis a sex-nose? That eufemism disturbs me the most.

Yeah, I don't like sex-nose either. I don't know why posting an FML requires coming up with some off-the-wall names for people/things.

I think maybe OP meant sex hose.. That makes more sense, although it's really not that much better.

If that was me, I'd grab a note and write the site to some penis enlargement site then gently pass him the note with a smile.

Oh, the McDonald's drive-thru? Yeah I remember you. You got our order wrong.

time to "accidentally" spill a ice cold drink in his lap

For you it was just awkward. Don't worry so much, OP, you probably won't ever see them again anyway. Lighten up!

He was giggling. He didn't seem embarrassed to me.

Misread it at first.

actually, no, I don't get this one at all. so fucking what? clearly they're doing something, those two. what's that got to do with you? your comment made perfect sense to me.

I agree. OP probably wouldn't even recognize the guy if they saw him again, what with all the people someone working a drive-thru sees.

never heard the term "sex nose" before. i might have to use it now

Yeah, until I read "fully erect", all I was thinking was "what the hell is a sex-nose??" Lol.

N00bz! It was used on FML before, in the illustration for the guy who got his sex-nose caught when closing his laptop. Wait, why am I proud to know this?

Perhaps she got it from the Futurama human horn episode. If not, she just has a creative mind for naming things I guess...

I was thinking Duce Bigalow...

Really guys It's obviously from Clockwork Orange

Or Chris Fehn of Slipknot

Is he having fries with that shake?

Drive-thru people do not get paid enough to put up with that shit. Sorry, OP

trust me i feel you. kfc/taco bell does not pay enough to deal with all the unruliness and bad attitudes of the customers. inside or drive thru

If it were me, I would have poured hot coffee on it/him.... But that's why I don't work in drive thru... I hope you can wash that image from your mind OP

....and been arrested.. for seeing an erection and scalding the guy for it. the guy in the car is a little crazy, you're flat out psycho.

Hot coffee - just no. XL ice-water - yes. Works wonders on those nosy sex-noses.

Actually 45, what the driver did is a felony in most jurisdictions.

93 and the punishment is a second degree burn?

And you should commit a felony as well? It's not exactly legal to burn someone's sex nose.

Sex nose. Made my day :)

So you must've been in the car with him! I catch your drift.

Something smells fishy...

That's what you get for being nosey. Snot nice.

How is handing someone their change being nosey??

I think 11 was trying to make a pun. They were apparently unsuccessful.

Uh yeah could I get a number 12 with a side of an erection ? Thanks man.