By adamwilcockson - Australia - Brisbane
Today, I found out I'm allergic to bug repellent. So instead of having a couple of itchy bug bites, my skin feels like it's on fire and is violently itchy everywhere the repellent has touched. FML
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  duke3012  |  8

haha #44 so funny. what Australian uses bug repellent and isn't a bitxh! nek minnit "mom! I need some lotion coz I'm a lil'bitch!" hahaha

By  _parth  |  20

I hate it, I am allergic too and now I have red bumps on my hands and it's so red and itchy but use vitamin b6 and vitamin e lotion by "simple" it works like a magical wand.

By  MrDonSalvetti  |  27

I always ask myself, why the hell some people think OP deserve such horrible things? Are they those people who stand there and laugh at you, when you get robbed and yell: "HA! You deserved that!"?
It sounds terrible but I saw that ones...

  MrDonSalvetti  |  27

Why some peolpe care? I don't know, maybe because FML give you that option and there is also the "Best of" with a Top or Flop list. So it matters for the app itself!