By adamwilcockson - 18/09/2014 04:05 - Australia - Brisbane

Today, I found out I'm allergic to bug repellent. So instead of having a couple of itchy bug bites, my skin feels like it's on fire and is violently itchy everywhere the repellent has touched. FML
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His skin feels like it's on fire. How is that the bright side? I'd rather be itchy from bug bites


At least there are no bugs biting you! Think positive!

His skin feels like it's on fire. How is that the bright side? I'd rather be itchy from bug bites

I was being sarcastic. I understand that the bug spray made OP get a rash

#39, sarcasm pro tip: if you have to explain and point out your alleged sarcasm, you're doing something wrong. Just saying.

psh, I know what i'm doing. you people just don't know talent. NO TALENT! NO TALENT

he lives in australia. ...they have some weird animals... I hope op survives :P

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Check the label and make sure you didn't pick up BitchBegone

I think your mom forgot to get IdiotBegone when she got knocked up with you.

haha #44 so funny. what Australian uses bug repellent and isn't a bitxh! nek minnit "mom! I need some lotion coz I'm a lil'bitch!" hahaha

I hope you feel better soon OP! Maybe next time you can get crafty and try out some essential oils as a repellant. Who knows, it may be worth it.

That sucks maybe try some of those clip ons? That way you don't have to apply anything to your skin.

I hate it, I am allergic too and now I have red bumps on my hands and it's so red and itchy but use vitamin b6 and vitamin e lotion by "simple" it works like a magical wand.

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Put dryer sheets in your pocket. It helps repel bugs.

I always ask myself, why the hell some people think OP deserve such horrible things? Are they those people who stand there and laugh at you, when you get robbed and yell: "HA! You deserved that!"? It sounds terrible but I saw that ones...

Some people like to be internet trolls, don't take it to the heart ;)

Those are people that accidentally hit the wrong button. No one can be that heartless.

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there's always this person in the comments anymore. why does it matter how people vote? who cares?

#34 Why some peolpe care? I don't know, maybe because FML give you that option and there is also the "Best of" with a Top or Flop list. So it matters for the app itself!