By Anonymous - United States
Today, my mom made me teach my delusional gran web browsing. I barely made it to YouTube before she sneered at me, and told me to "stop pissing about before I smash your face in." Two hours and multiple slaps later, she still doesn't get what a URL is, and I fear for my life. FML
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My grandma is pretty good at the Internet! She has Facebook and hotmail and it only took her 2 years! Just be patient she will get it soon! You just need to keep repeating it. About being abusive: take it like a man!


What would an old lady do on YouTube? There are only so many videos you can watch of cats doing cute things.

Show her FML where she can bitch to us, instead of slapping you.

  nalia18  |  8

not all old people r like that. actually my grandmother majors in computer and technoligy. im pretty much the delusional grandma in your story.

  dre_bro11  |  12

OP, it's just the new era now, the era of the 'Technologically Advanced Grannies'.

After reading this FML and the comments from other users, it has become apparent how many grannies are actually into the whole technology thing. I thought I was the only one who had to put up with teaching my grandma how to skype and Facebook... And how to use the actual computer. But like it was mentioned, it gets easier. My granny is very independent at it now and is going great - except, she doesn't quite understand how to shut down yet. She just presses the power button and is off.

  ShroomsOnAcid  |  16

True. They can't grasp the fact that a computer only does what YOU tell it to do, and that it does EXACTLY what you tell it to do. They expect it to magically read their mind and figure out what they sat down on it for, and take care of everything itself. In most cases, everything is not so complicated if you just think about it logically.

  starwind3438  |  9

Both of my parents are in their 60's and each own a computer and are very savvy on them. My mom taught for the longest time. So saying the interwebs doesn't appeal to older generations is a blatant stereotype.

  MrSexyPants  |  14

My friend's grandma has an iPhone and iPad and she doesn't even know how to use them. She just likes looking cool. And autocorrect fixed iPad and iPod. How conceited.