By ambulancedriver - 12/09/2009 18:35 - Poland

Today, I was on the job as an ambulance driver, I got a call about a man who claimed he'd had a heart attack. When I got to the house, it turned out the man was fine. I did however manage to hit a dog on the way there in fear of the man dying. FML
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Wow. What kind of awful person would fake that? FYL, but you probably couldve tried to avoid the dog. F[the dog's owber's]L.

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I say FYL. And everyone saying YDI really needs to relax. I understand everyone loves animals. I do too. I would probably cry if I hit one. But where I come from, the first lesson they teach you in driving school is unless you can avoid hitting an animal without putting yourself or anyone else in danger, you have to run it over.


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Wow. What kind of awful person would fake that? FYL, but you probably couldve tried to avoid the dog. F[the dog's owber's]L.

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*could've *owner's Never trust autocorrect.

Ambulances usually go at full speed, if it did try to swerve around the dog or something, it would have hit another car, or spun off the road.

yea i know its sad that the dog got run over, but technically your not meant to swerve or stop if this places you or anyone else in danger. Especially since this was an ambulance and needed to get to an "emergency"

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Not really an FML. The guy would've been severely punished for faking a 911 call.

Well, it's actually 999 i Poland, not 911

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or you can drive with caution and not be a dumbass that way you wouldn't hit anything

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you still did the right thing.

This is cleary fake : a PARAMEDIC would never call theirself an ambulance driver. Get it right next time.

#86 he could have been being cautious. as much as you can be when driving to an emergency like that. don't be such a judgmental prick

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its hard to avoid the dog when you are hauling ass for a possible cardiac.

You'd be surprised. My dad, being a fireman, was once called to a man with athletes foot. He called 911 in order to get a ride to CVS. And he was in a car when my dad got there..

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#86 i agree- the first thing they teach you when you're learning to drive an ambulance is don't be a dumbass, driving like a maniac is only going to cause another accident... ambulances aren't toys...

oh yes 119, you don't need to get there fast or something. try getting there as fast as you need and as safe as you can. I appreciate the drivers of ambulances that they can do this. sometimes shit just happens.

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I'd rather the man die than the dog. animals are so innocent and loving, humans arent.

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Your the reason the human race is doomed to idiocy.

*You're Apparently the idiocy has already spread.

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It's true. People abuse poor helpless animals. They do nothing wrong. People are so greedy, always lying and manipulating. I just don't feel bad for people. I love people I'm not like all anti-human. I just don't feel bad for them. Animals just want a friend. I don't even know why I'm explaining my self to you. Because you clearly are just as I described above. And don't ya think saying I am the reason for doomed human idiocy is a little dramatic? Yeeeah.

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Well I'm a proud member of PETA. People for Eating Tasty Animals. I guess this doesn't really apply since I don't eat dogs though. Maybe if I was Chinese it would haha.

I made an account just to say this. I understand not feeling sorry for humans when they die doing stupid things. I don't think humans are better than animals or vice versa but animals aren't that innocent. Don't lions kill other animals for food. Don't mosquito drink blood and spread diseases. Monkey have group fights similar to human gangs. So if this man had really been having a heart attack I wouldn't know which I would rather have live. But since this man cost a dog it's life for no reason i wouldn't feel sorry if he did die in the near future.

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so if all people are "greedy, lying, and manipulative" what does that make you? you can't just say you want people to die over dogs and take yourself out of the equation, because you never know how the person is. not all animals are nice...and the ones that are, are trained by people to be that way. that's not to say i would run over a dog on purpose, but i wouldn't swerve if someone's life was in danger i'm kind of curious as to why this guy called, though. was he faking the call or was it a false alarm? FYL, OP

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So what you're saying is that Human life is expendable, and that animal life should be preserved at all costs? Also to the grammar guy above, get a life. Imo communication is about communicating a message, not being grammatically correct about it. I don't think I've ever seen someone get genuinely confused when someone used your instead of you're.

I'm Korean, I've eaten dog stew. So good :D

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animals are wayyyyyyy better than peeple. screw heart attack guy

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omg! you should sue him! like he played with the ambulance! haha i did that once but i was like...3 years old at the time..and y would the guy waste his time?? he has WAYYYY too much timee on hisss handdss

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I'm an EMT, and people call in for the most minor things all the time. The ambulance always goes out to help lift obese people who fell and can't get up. Going on a run that was dispatched as a possible heart attack and then getting there and not transporting the guy really isn't that uncommon of an occurrence.

You can't sue him for that. The police could charge him with improper use of emergency services IF they deem it to be, say, a prank. But, truth be told, if you think you're having a heart attack you will be calling the EMS. And as for the dog, it sucks. To animal lovers: don't get too caught up loving animals that you forget that the average dog life span is 13 years. If you thought you were having a heart attack which would cut short the REMAINING 50 years of your life you would be calling emergency services as well. On top of all this, dogs and cats get run over all the freaking time in non-emergency circumstances. Why complain about the 1 time a dog gets hit when it's potentially a mans life in the balance.

"to help lift obese people who fell and can't get up" LMAO You gotta be kidding me! Ambulances are intended to save lives... not take one out to balance the universe.

Why? He ran over the dog accidentally when he beleived he was trying so save someone's life.

Okay so next time i prank call an ambulance over to my house, i'll make sure he hits you with his vehicle :)

I find it weird how people care more about a dog than a human being. I'm not saying I hate animals, because I have 3 dogs that I love so much, but it just doesn't seem right.

How is this an FML? It's a dog. At least the guys was okay.

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I forgot, dogs aren't alive. Dumbass. So what if it was a dog? It was still alive, and what if it belonged to a loving family?

whoops 'dog killing' probably doesn't come up in the job description

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Uh yes... you kind of need to drive in any way to get the person in help... Welcome to emergency services idiot.

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Right. You should drive in a completely reckless manner, putting yourself and other people on the road in danger, just to get to a person. I know how ambulance drivers are supposed to drive, and they aren't supposed to endanger the lives of themselves and their crew. They aren't even supposed to endanger their lives in a situation where someone else's life is at stake. The number one thing they teach you in EMT class is that your safety comes first.

#9 - What do you think this guy did? Swerved out of his way to hit the dog on purpose? Obviously the dog (whom I DO feel bad for) was in the wrong place at the wrong time, perhaps he ran out in the road to bark in response to the noise the ambulance was making (probably hurt his ears or something). No where does it say that the ambulance driver was driving recklessly, people commenting here are just assuming that he was.

Emergency Services has the right to drive quickly and technically "recklessly" (by that I mean speeding, not necessarily driving all over the road) since they're trying to get to the emergency as fast as possible; however there are tons of cases where they get into accidents themselves where other drivers are asses and don't get out of their way, or animals happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It sucks, but their main priority is to get to the emergency/hospital before the victim (for lack of a better word) dies.

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Legally, reckless driving would have been swerving out of the way of the dog, believe it or not. Because swerving out of the way or stopping could mean that you could hit another car or someone from behind might hit you. That's the first thing they teach you in DRIVER'S ED. And what do you mean, "just to get to a person". I don't even know why I need to explain what is wrong with that phrase to you. More like "just to save a dying person's life". But seriously, I understand where you're coming from, but you're not supposed to swerve out of the way of a dog. That's kind of the law.

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I said I hoped the guy wasn't driving recklessly and that the dog just ran out in front of him at the last minute, not that he was driving recklessly and being negligent and failed to notice an object (in this case a dog) in the middle of the road. I definitely don't think he should've tried to swerve out of the way if a dog was running into the road; that would be an awful idea in an ambulance. And yes, I still mean "to get to a person". The vast majority of calls (at least the ones I go on), aren't fatal. I'd rather the driver didn't kill me in the process of getting to a person who thinks they're choking on a chicken bone that they ate five hours ago. If the guy was in an extremely fatal situation, the ambulance would drive faster and do their best to get there as quickly as possible, but that does NOT mean that they are going to risk their safety to do that. "It sucks, but their main priority is to get to the emergency/hospital before the victim (for lack of a better word) dies."- This may seem wrong to you then, but an emergency personnel's number one priority is their own safety. That's the FIRST thing they teach you in class. You are supposed to put your safety first. If there is a savage pit bull mauling some guy and you arrive on the scene, you aren't supposed to do anything until the scene is secured and safe. That mean seem harsh, but you aren't helping anyone if you get yourself harmed.

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#9 i agree!! a driver should be calm and responsible. if they're driving like an asshole, they can cause another emergency. I wouldn't want someone acting like an ass driving me to the hospital.

uh oh. Was the dog a stray? and be more careful next time

yes tell the ambulance driver to be more careful... make him take his sweet time to check every square inch of the road and sidewalks to make sure no dog is about to run infront of his vehicle. we wouldnt want to hurt any animals when some1 is dying of a potientail heart attack, or stroke. and for that matter: let's tell the police the same thing so they wont hit any animals on the way responding to a robbery, kidnapping, attack, etc. oh and we wouldnt want any firemen to hit any animals on their way to save some1 from dying a firey death. they have larger vehicles so they would have to be extra careful. really..... tell them to be more careful.................. OP. TYVM for doing your job

I hope you get hit by an abulance.l, and then set on fire.