By Amathiel - Norway - Flor?
Today, I had a proper look at myself in the mirror. I have recently lost 5 lbs. Turns out that it mainly shows on my boob. Not boobs. Boob. Right one only. FML
Amathiel tells us more :
Additional info from OP here: Yes, I have a BF who has commented on it, but with humor. He's nicknamed them Bert and Ernie because of the size difference now. Yes, I know it's a common thing, but it still isn't cool to walk around with half a boob on one side ;)
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  Beeftinkle  |  13

Thats just an overstatement, if someone lost 5 pounds from a boob, there would be nothing left.. And then some. Shes just playing with the words making it seem like the boob is the only place she lost weight for the joke.

  Enslaved  |  36

The left breast tends to be slightly larger in most because if you're right handed, you use those arm muscles to strengthen the muscles that lift that breast higher.

On a side note-- I've heard guys' left nut hangs lower for other reasons. (:
Almond Joy's gots nuts! Mounds don't.

  heygirlie777  |  21

Although it would be better if 24 said "most often" rather than "always" because for always to apply you would have to test a whole population.

  jamnglamgirlie  |  17

When I got my first . my doctor gave me a a thin booklet that says that it is common for one boob to be larger then the other... unless it's a huge difference then you should see a doctor.

  happle  |  21

60- I don't think it's necessary to see a doctor if your boobs are different sizes. My left used to be larger, now my right one is. I'm 16 and you're apparently 18, so our bodies are still developing.

  panda_lou  |  11

Both studies are true. Guys left nuts tend to hang a bit lower and the left breast tends to be slightly larger than the right. Again we are not saying always but it is most common. Like was stated earlier it has to do with which hand is dominant because you are working that side more.
Please do some research before you start getting all whiny about a statistic. There will always be exceptions to every rule.
Also just wanted to point out that anything you have two of will not be identical. Eyes, hands, breasts, nuts, feet, legs, etc. none are the same width, length, height, weight.

  sens3sfailing  |  24

It isn't a huge difference. I'm not positive if it is necessarily bigger, but it obviously hangs lower. I was just self conscious a little bit by it, never worried.

  ShananaginsLOL  |  13

One of my friends has a DD and a D. If its that extreme then I would suggest getting surgery like my friend will. But if it's not that bad then just live with it and stuff the other side.

  JoeRogansBEARD  |  15

Ah but she said she looked in the mirror so her left boob is her right boob and her right boob is her left boob... So she would need a left handed boyfriend which means stdhjdjwpcpovjcbsjqo ... BOOM (brain explodes)

  Chibitalia180  |  6

#84 That can or can not be true. But if you were to look in a mirror and your right boob is bigger and you look at the boob that is on your right on the mirror it is your right one.


I didn't mean to make a big fuss of this haha. I wish it went into a little more detail as to not confuse us. Who knows, maybe I'm wrong or maybe I'm right. Sorry to confuse people O_o


After much deliberation and a series of melodramatic pained expressions rereading the comment, I have decided to point out that it should be, "Easily solved".

  stupidpplsuck  |  33

15 they were both right, but even i had to reread what 9 said to realise she was saying the left one was bigger. the why it was worded made it sound like 9 was saying the right one was bigger

  gracehi  |  31

I named mine myself: "Rachel" and "Lucy" for right and left. But I like your names too, especially "Biggie"and "Smalls." And 10 internet points to you, 44, for recognizing that quote.

  Enslaved  |  36

#86 Your breast sound "Notorious" :P

My boobs are so small that I can't even give them names out of the "Tiny Toon Adventures". ):