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Wow total bummer. I don't think you are being selfish at all. I can't imagine getting that news around my birthday. I can't believe anyone said this is your fault.

#4 - That's extremely rude. She's not being selfish. Divorce is never easy for the parents, but it's always extremely hard on kids. Trust me, I'm going through one right now. Just ignore #8. Divorce is a hard thing to go through whether it's your own relationship or your parents'. But you just gotta live through it. I know it sounds really harsh, but there's nothing you can really do. Crappy birthday present, but I'm sure when your birthday does arrive - they'll celebrate it with you. ( : Go

Oh man. I kinda feel your pain. I had something similar happen on my birthday. You'd think they could at least wait until the day after. Geez.

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