By Spider fail - 31/05/2016 19:06 - United States - East Lansing

Today, I had a dream that I was swinging through New York City as my favorite hero, Spider-Man. I was almost immediately beaten to death by a mugger. I suck even in my dreams. FML
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That would've never happened to Batman....

Spider-Man Spider-Man He gets beat up too like anyone can


That would've never happened to Batman....

DeadxManxWalking 27

All he has to do is grunt and the mugger would be running up into his mother's womb

Looks like your spidey senses were offline.

Looks like his Spidey-senses were... asleep.

Spider-Man Spider-Man He gets beat up too like anyone can

Obviously it's because you're a michigander ;)

Relevant because???

Maybe it's all part of your origin story... Perhaps in a few nights you'll get to the part of the dream where you actually acquire skills. Or, you could just be the equivalent of aquaman... you know... pretty useless.

Sorry what? Aquaman is actually stronger than Superman. Maybe pick up a comic sometime

the king if the sea? my home slice? his trident can penetrate superman's skin smh useless they say.... when the water in your toilet attacks you and whips you with your own bodily fluids remember the name aquaman

Well maybe the mugger was the joker in disguise?

hellobobismyname 24

... Joker doesn't exist for Spiderman. Never mix Marvel up with DC. People do not like that, lol.

WavRace 14

Every dream has a meaning. If you can remember who the mugger is you can find out what makes you feel powerless

TMO2142 25

Which spiderman

At least it was only a dream!

Well New York is a mean place...