By Anonymous - 29/04/2013 16:09 - Netherlands

Today, I had a big party planned. All but one of the guests cancelled. See you at 7, mom. FML
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Yeah at least she cares about you! But really fyl op

Hey, Op. At least one person game. It's better than sitting alone at a big table. And yes, moms are great.

The life of a rock and roll star yes, at least she didn't let you down.

It is if it's the creepy guy that smells your hair in class!

Well #18, don't invite me if you don't want me there. ;)

That's horrible! Either your friends are two-faced, you're a horrible person or they just actually had other plans. Try finding out why there was no attendance.

Since they cancelled rather than just not showing up, I'm assuming they all gave excuses as to why.

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Well you now know who truly are your friends. It may be a somber moment, but each may have had a legitimate reason. But also remember this , family will always be there for you!

You know who your friends are? Friends understand that sometimes other things can come up that are more important than whatever plans they'd made with you. They cancelled, presumably with good reason. I'm sure none of them thought the rest would too. It's not like they said "I'll definitely be there" and then just didn't show up.

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at least you don't have to share the alcohol now

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A boy's best friend is his mother! I have a 50/50 chance of this being relevant.

I thought dogs were man's best friend :(.

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42: you are correct, dog is man's best friend. and mother is boy's best friend. see? we can ALL be right! :D

I hope your mom knows how to party!

That's cute that your moms still going. I mean you guys can hang out and have some bonding time. It won't be that bad!

I think OP should be happy that his/her mom cares about them enough to show up. It still sucks that none of their friends came though.