By Anonymous - 20/11/2010 05:48 - United States

Today, everyone at work was demanding I stage a party at my house. I agreed to it and rushed home to tidy up before the guests arrived. No one showed up. FML
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at least ur house is tidy now

Well, invite them over for a party in your pants. ;)


Well, invite them over for a party in your pants. ;)

Free booze? im there!!!!

lol, your such a slut marinus :P

how about calling and asking what's going on? make them all come to your house, lock the door and leave.

22... technically you can not be a slut if ur a man... but u can be a pimp or man whore

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marinus your hair is amazing :)

That escalated quickly

time to start thinking bout gettin them all back

Yes. No one show up indeed...

hairt 4


at least ur house is tidy now

haha true

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With grammar like yours OP, no wonder no one showed up. "372 Avenue y'all should Willow Tree yeah that's the street bring napkins it's gonna be I'll be there soon a great time see you at parties."

knibbsy 4

Exactly. That's why no one came to OP's house.

But she's already a belligerent drunk, she's ready to go!

knibbsy 4

Which is why I would have went to her house. ;)

Oh yes I would have been there. If only someone had of invited me.

at least your house wouldn't get trashed again :)

Look at the bright side: your house is all clean and tidy ^^

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I guess you have to drink the keg by yourself.

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Do you work with teenagers?

haha... sounds like you've been had bud. Brilliant way of ensuring that you didn't make an appearance at the actual party, however.

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that's exactly what I was thinking