By Anonymous - 22/8/2020 05:01

Social distancing

Today, we celebrated our daughter's sixth birthday. Out of the 30 invited, 7 showed up. The last one to cancel this morning told us she was ill. My daughter was in tears as this meant the last remaining playmate couldn't come. My wife later saw her tagged on Facebook at another party. FML
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  tounces7  |  27

Who really knows if this was during the pandemic, or if it actually happened before the pandemic. The stuff posted here is rarely current events.

  Blahue  |  2

Depends which country tho as in Australia your allowed to have 100 people as the pandemic is being controlled by the military currently my bf’s dad is stopping people from entering Victoria as it’s really bad there and there in stage 3 lockdown

By  xxlk4xx  |  5

they could have just not wanted to be at a big gathering due to covid (other then the one tagged on facebook at another party) usually if people do that to me I just dont invite them the next year!

By  zeffra13  |  31

If 7 showed up, but no "playmates" showed up, does that mean the 7 are adult family/friends? Sucks no one her age showed up, especially to have 1 ditch her for another party, but at least some people showed up.

By  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

Sounds like you invited a whole class and are upset they all didn't say yes.

Now, the whole "another party" thing. Was that happening at the same time, or was that when she was tagged in the photos.

awwww your poor daughter. please ignore all the crappy people here who clearly never had this happen to them and don't know how scaring it can be on a child. I had a similar thing happen at my 13th birthday.
I hope you're daughter is ok and still had the best day she could

By  Allsmash123  |  10

I’m sorry but you aren’t supposed to be having more than a total of 10 people in a room, with 30 invitations plus family members I wouldn’t blame them for not showing up

By  Gradask  |  10

I would inform the other party that girl was too ill to come to yours and they should self isolate and make sure they are not getting ill.*
Some parents will take ill kid to a party even if they cancelled another just because the parents are closer friends and wants to see their friends.