By depressedskatergirl - 07/02/2015 02:35 - United States - Philadelphia

Today, I had a big figure skating competition. Many of the girls before me fell or did not execute their jumps correctly. Me? I skated a flawless program. I was placed last because they said I didn't push myself hard enough to the point of falling. FML
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Llama_Face89 33

That makes absolutely zero sense...

If at first you don't fail, try, try again.


If at first you don't fail, try, try again.

ShadowlessSpear 21

If at first you don't fall, try and try again.

It was never about failing, it was always about making the other competitors feel less pathetic. I'm sure they picked the most ridiculously clumpsy one as first place.

Llama_Face89 33

That makes absolutely zero sense...

hugozac88 22

Probably some bias on part of OP. Although the judges may have made a mistake, it's unlikely that they would fail OP simply because he/she didn't fall.

It could be one of those "competitions" where everyone gets a medal and OP made the other "competitors" feel bad by not falling.

iLike2Teabag 27

In figure skating, the difficulty of the routine is factored into the score. Execution is only half the story.

They shouldn't be showing off their skating privilege *sarcasm*

SpittinThisShit 8

They wanted to see blood? Then they should've seen you on you're period

SpittinThisShit 8

If you really asking "what" you dumb af ;)

SpittinThisShit 8

Care to explain or is that all you got? :)

Maybe she was confused because you suggested that the judges see OP when she on she is period. It is a pretty nonsensical statement.

SpittinThisShit 8

#19 she said the judges told her she did not push hard enough because she did not fall so i assumed the judges want to see blood and therefor the period joke :)

We got it, it's just not funny to most of us, hence the downvotes.

*WOOSH!* Oh! Look! Look! Look! Oh, never mind. It went over your head.

#23 we all get the joke that was attempted, but I think we can all agree how unnecessary it was. and it wasn't funny.

SpittinThisShit 8

#24 I got an idea, how about if you dont like the joke dont get butthurt over it just move along :) but i guess you guess on that time of the month getting all butthurt and shit crying in the comment waaaaa we dont like it lmao ;)

You are the one who acts butthurt, I just stated my opinion. No need to fight over this, you've got your opinion and we have ours.

Okay, I'm going to come right and say it, because you insist on being a dick. Your joke was terrible. Not only that, but you wrote it with not just poor, but terrible grammar. You are in no position to call someone else "butt hurt" for saying you made a bad joke when you insulted someone's intelligence for making a negative comment on it, and you are also in no position to insult someone's intelligence when you can't even grasp elementary school level grammar.

SpittinThisShit 8

#32 As did I :) so take you're opinion and shove it up yourself you leaking blood everywhere ewww

SpittinThisShit 8

#33 how about you go and tell someone who gives a **** about "showing off perfect grammar" see you gotta know something if you dont like it i dont give a **** so stfu :) please and thank you :D

You're pretty agressive for somebody who "doesn't give a shit" for what others think.

It's not just that your grammar isn't perfect. It's that it's not even up to a third grade writing level. And at this point I'm certain that they're not just typos, since you're repeating the same errors over and over again. All I'm saying is that if you're going to insult someone's intelligence, you'd do well to make sure you're not making a fool of yourself first. You may not care, but perhaps you should.

#36 This is how FML is. Sometimes you have a good joke, other times you don't. Don't take it so personally when you get down voted. If you do, then stop coming on here.

SpittinThisShit 8

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#43 you'd have to be able to get the pussy to hurt it, and with your attitude I think we all agree you don't get any.

SpittinThisShit 8

#41 see you keep going on and on about the grammar like wtf since when is grammar the definitive of intelligence when dumb ***** like you have perfect grammar? ;) :P

Oh, SpittinThisShit. You're so silly. Coming from you, "dumb ****" is a compliment.

SpittinThisShit 8

#42 ohh no no no nothing personal ;) i will not stop coming here but you could stop coming here if you like :)

SpittinThisShit 8

#44 im sure alot of people have got your pussy so stop acting like youre so valuable ;)

SpittinThisShit 8

#46 well im glad because no matter how DUMB and how ****** you are you should always take it as a compliment i mean it was meant as such and such and such

SpittinThisShit 8

#49 i am new but not 12 Not that my age would matter you cougar :p

If I were you, I would just be satisfied that you are better than they are. Despite the judges being ignorant idiots, they don't know how hard you have practiced or tried. Don't mind them.

In a competitive sport, and one where winning give you access to higher level competitions, that isn't enough.

Unless it's for a prize, then you have every right to be pissed

In figure skating you can't just "be satisfied" when you place last despite skating a flawless program compared to other girls falling. You don't know what kind of a competition OP was in. For all you know she could've been competing for a spot in the world championships or for a spot on the Olympic team. There's absolutely no satisfaction with being last, no matter how good or bad you skated.

Llama_Face89 33

The kind where everyone gets a trophy for "participation"

Astrum14 24

Who ever said anything about a participation trophy?

*the joke flies past #63 at mach speed*

Don't you mean falls on at Mach speed?

Soccerfan2002 10

Maybe it was because you were so good that they couldn't believe it! Don't get upset over it.

I call bullshit. It's based on points. Points get deducted for falls and sloppiness. If you got last place it's because you skated like shit. I've been an ice skater for 9 years.

That's exactly what I'm saying. She must have been sloppy and her routine must have not been as "flawless" as she thinks it was. I've competed all my life (not in ice skating but many other things) and I have never seen judges who judged like that.

I've been to a gymnastics meet for a friend. His routine was flawless but not as challenging as others. Even though the others messed up, their routines required more skill so they placed higher. All depends on the judges I guess.

ZomBgal 12

This sounds like a competition my 5-year-old would make up--whoever doesn't fall is the loser! I lose things against him often. I can relate, OP...