By dancer4life - 09/01/2010 03:04 - United States

Today, in ballet class, I was really focusing and actually trying to work hard. I was really getting into the choreography. I was travelling big and leaping long. While going across the floor, again I travelled and leaped… right into the ballet bars and fell over, in front of 35 people. FML
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Ballet fail. Professional dancers regularly attend class. It helps keep their technique up to snuff.

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well you're the only one that ******* cares. asswipe.


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Apparently, karma doesn't like show-offs.

How was she showing off? She was just working hard in class.

dammm, i was looking down at the sex hoping for this to be a guy :(

hey guys look! I'm replying to get on the top! ^^

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but she said she was "actually" trying to work hard meaning that she doesn't usually. she should cause dance classes can b very expensive!

she wasn't trying to show off, she was getting in the groove of it

Ballet is the silent dangerous dance I guess. ____________________________

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ydi for being so self-centered. I.... I.... I... blah blah blah blah blah... get over it!

So FMLs aren't allowed to be about yourself?

Quit being a drama queen. You said "class". Not recital, not big show, class. 35 people, presumably none of them masters of ballet either. Because if they were, they wouldn't be taking a class. I think the keyword here is "class". Get over it.

Ballet fail. Professional dancers regularly attend class. It helps keep their technique up to snuff.

It's a ballet class.You're supposed to tumble in classes...

#5 they were realy 16 students and 1 teacher the big mirrors made it look like they were 35 (the other 1 was the ops reflections) he's definitly over exagerating I agree with u

Maybe you should try doing the math before insulting the poster. Obviously since they added in the part at the end about the OP's own reflection they were not counting her in the total number of students in the class (16). Here is your basic math problem. 16 x 2 = 32 (number of students including their reflections) 1 x 2 = 2 (instructor plus their reflection) 2 + 32 = 34 (total of other people in the room with OP and their reflections) 34 + 1 = 35 (total of other people PLUS OP's reflection which would appear as another person in the mirror) They had perfect math, but you need to work on your ability to follow word problems.

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NOOOO! not a whole entire 35 people!

you deserve it because you don't know that it's spelled "barre," not "bar"

that's not a spelling mistake, it's a completely different word. they're just pronounced the same

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well you're the only one that ******* cares. asswipe.

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wow..really?? get over it. i was at a horse show in santa barbara and was on the last jump of my course..and my horse stopped and threw me off right into the jump in front of over 100 people..shit happens. get over yourself.

Pretty sure there's a big difference between running into something yourself and coming off your horse. No one is interested in your unfunny and irrelevant anecdote. Get over yourself.

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hey number 14...pretty sure i was just comparing eating it in front of a lot of people.. really feeling the need to talk shit? and yes...ive fallen down plenty of times in front of plenty of pretty clumsy. what i'm trying to shit happens. it's not really a fml situation. and i'm sure everyone in the ballet class will GET OVER IT. btw..not at ALL trying to be funny. but okay. your an unfriendly bitch.

Who cares about what you did? Post your own FML. Falling off your horse is something that happens pretty often at shows. Running into something in a ballet class where you're supposed to be graceful doesn't, and apparently enough people agreed that it was funny and embarrassing enough for it to be moderated. Telling the OP to get over herself hardly makes you the worlds friendliest person either.

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Definitely going with twinklestar on this one...your situation is far less embarassing than The OP's

No matter how bad your FML is, there will always be someone who can post a worse one. Quit complaining about the OP's misfortune just because it could have been worse.

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Put on your pointe shoes and jetè again. it happens to everyone. At least it wasn't during a performance!