By Anonymous - 12/08/2015 04:05 - United States - Racine

Today, my mom got angry that I wasn't responding to her texts. I couldn't because I was in the dentist's chair. She'd dropped me off, and after returning from errands, sent the text from the waiting room. FML
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Parents and technology. Never a good mix.

It's a dentists office. That makes no sense as a pun.


Lol, come on man, stop DICKIN around?

It's a dentists office. That makes no sense as a pun.

What? This comment needs a follow up.

I think he meant to reply to the "Stop teasing me, put everything in" dude below

Ahhh, that makes sense. Thank you! Little slow this morning. :)

Mcstud1y 30

Sarcasm? Maybe?

countryb_cth 38

I don't know how people end up replying to the wrong fml

Parents and technology. Never a good mix.

Women these days

CaptainBat 9

Such a good mom lol

the worst is when they drug you up and then get all chatty with ya. for the next hour they nod their head while you let lose a series of unintelligent grunts.

Series of unintelligent...what?

grunts.............. read the whole paragraph.

She really couldn't put two and two together??

Shes quite protective hm

Apologize and fire back with over communication, let her know when you take a shit, describe it to her, remind her how important it is you always be in communication ;)

hoosiergirl94 31

That's like if the dentist asked you a bunch of questions and got mad that you couldn't respond because their fingers were in your mouth

If you weren't in the waiting room wouldn't it be logical that you were getting worked on?

Yes, hence the FML.