By thanksmom - United States - Watertown
Today, my mother brought over some early Christmas presents for me and the kids. The kid's presents were fine, mine however consisted of many yard accessories, including solar lights. I live in an apartment building with no yard. Her response? "Buy a potted plant and shove them in there." FML
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  clemsi  |  20

27 why would OP's mother have a donkey named the attic, and why would OP shove them in that poor animal? It never did anything to OP to deserve that.

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

My family does it too. We either give it with a gift receipt or let the person know that if they want to take it back to let us know and we'd give them the receipt. I'd never be offended if someone didn't like my gift and wanted to return it. It makes more sense to me to let someone take something back and get something they actually like rather than holding onto it and never using it.

  slyde32  |  12

I always give the receipt, not on case the person doesn't like it, but in case it has any issues where it could need replacing. although if they don't like the gift, that's no issue either