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Today, I got to listen while my grandma, who has dementia and therefore a poor memory, explained to me why the old man on TV was a sex god. She forgot everything once she said it. I got to listen to her explanation five times over. FML
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flockz 19

dementia is terrible!! it affects thousands of people around the world. how could you say that? dementia is terrible!! it affects thousands of people around the world. ass.

At least you can talk to her, be grateful she isn't completely brain dead. But I'm sorry that does still suck.


Haha, gotta love dementia :) enjoy her while you can

MichellinMan 20
flockz 19

dementia is terrible!! it affects thousands of people around the world. how could you say that? dementia is terrible!! it affects thousands of people around the world. ass.

My grandad has dementia. "hey grandpa! Knock knock!" -"who's there?!?" "your grandson!" -"Who?" "your grandson!!!" -"Who??" "your grandson!!!!!" -"I have a daughter???"... No but seriously, it can be sad.

My grandma has dementia and paranoia schizophrenia and it is sad, she forgets to take pills, she forgot that she does stuff, she forgets her appointments, she forgets to turn things off, constant misplacing of things.. Thank God my uncle lives with her so he can take care of her.

My great grandma also had dementia. My grandparents used to give her money every fortnight. She would get on the phone and abuse the shit out of them for giving her "play money". She forgot family members, great grandkids, her grandchildren. Dementia is not funny or enjoyable to watch. Its very sad to watch someone close to you. **** you for even suggesting it!!

"Gotta love dementia?!" WTF?? That's so wrong...

Can't wait till you have dementia. Dumbass.

My grandma has Alzheimer's, it's very sad to see how she forgets things, and forgets people!

What #2 is probably getting at is the fact that your family member is still there with you and dementia isn't always bad, I know the forgetfulness can really hurt but they aren't always forgetting everything and you can still have good times and good memories with this family membwr

thenomad 7

Last week I was choked by one of my dementia patients. By the time she had her hands off of me, she had no idea what she did. I was rushed to the ER and I ended up having serious damage to my sternocleidomastoid. :( With that being said, Alzheimer's and dementia are horrible conditions. These people are tormented by their condition. They have no idea where they are and are forced to relive horrible experiences from their lives on a daily basis. You need to be more patient and understanding with these people. What they are going through is far worse than hearing the same story over and over again.

Your sick for saying that, you evil evil man

U stupid ass my grandmother has dementia and it has practically destroyed my grandfathers life, you obviously have no idea what kind of effect this devastating disease has on families otherwise you wouldn't have made such a stupid, I'll informed comment! For saying something like this u deserve to be punched u dumbfuck!!!!

That is true but speaking from personal experience, that side of dementia only lasts briefly. My grandmother lasted about 5 years then she started screaming all the time, swearing at everyone, falling flat on her back and any given moment an she eventually lost the ability to walk and talk and now completely relies on others, yea I wouldn't exactly call them "good" memories

My grandmother has dementia as well. It is very sad because she forgets where she puts things and my mom finds she lives in her past. She tells lots of stories about her being young and my grandfather. It's a terrible disease but I do enjoy listening to stories about her being young. :'(

My grandma lives at a place for people with Alzheimer's, it was hard for her at first, but it got to to point where she couldn't live by herself. It's very hard to see what the disease does to these people!

My grandmother died of dementia. Not cool to make fun of people who have it.

You can't die from dementia it's a mental thing. She probably died from a complication of the disease, as people with dementia have significantly lower immune systems and most die from chest infections, if not old age itself.

At least you can talk to her, be grateful she isn't completely brain dead. But I'm sorry that does still suck.

MichellinMan 20

agreed. its sad to watch their decline, but while they still know who you are it's best to spend as much time with them as you can. and even after they seem to forget, they still have moments of clarity. I've seen it. they still get that twinkle in their eye... :)

It's sad to know how amazing they were in life to see them in this state. :)

My grandma is mean and bitter. I could only wish she'd forget to insult me and tell me to dump my boyfriend for a rich man. And then there's my other grandma who makes me blush and be speechless by describing how she'd molest me out of love. It's kind of a good thing she's in another country so she wouldn't actually do it. But really enjoy the time. You can tell about them to your own grandchildren one day. I might never get to meet my out of country grandmother. And my bitter one might not make it to see me succeed and be at peace.

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My Grandma has dementia. Its very very sad and at times very awkward, but enjoy her while you can ;)

MichellinMan 20

oh god... that must've been painful. distract her with some prune juice.

CockAsian 14

Just rub her feet. You'll get plenty of prune juice from there.

Well now every time you see "the old man on TV" you'll know why he's a sex god ;)

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Just wondering, how could this be YDI? Sorry Op!

11% of people who read the FML were either stupid or just straight up trollin..

Sounds like Ol' granny was a freak back in the day ;)

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I love, no, I LOVE your picture!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

I don't. It's too real! I do like the meaning, but can't stand the sight.