By dollarstorepwnr - 19/03/2011 05:37 - Canada

Today, my dad cussed out an individual on the phone because he thought it was a telemarketer. He was my Indian girlfriend's father. FML
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Your dad should have asked where they were calling from first. Standard procedure for telemarketers at my house. And then you hang up on them once you have ascertained that it is a telemarketer on the other end.


Why didn't you told him hè was calling?

He didn't know he was going to call. Hence he didn't told him.

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The op didn't "told" him because, I am assuming, he is not telepathic. But again, I am just assuming.

#2 is obviously foreign, and the first part of her bio is "my English is bad". assholes^^

not everyone goes around reading all the bios

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Psst, nothing against the female form but get some clothes on!

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Hey, I'm just trying to add a little interest into everyone's day.

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Hey, I hear you. I'm sure there are better ways of doing it.

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not to mention the form is I think I get your point.

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I'm tired of what's considered to be normal and what's weird. If I want to take my clothes off, whatever. it doesn't hurt anyone. and I like to do 3 socially unacceptable things a day.

Eww, get your nudes off the Internet before you become some ones ************ toy. That isn't outside of the ordinary that's along the lines of regarding your own self respect. Plus, no one really wants to see all that shit, attention *****.

Wow, I don't think I want to know the other 2 socially unacceptable things you did today/plan to do.

Jesus' dad was an ass? I might convert :O

Why did you have to mention she's Indian?

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Her father is prejudiced so he assumed that an Indian caller was a telemarketer.

Because Indian parents, stereotypically, tend to be more uptight and strict. Trust me, I know.

I was going to ask the same exact question!

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because his dad thought since the person on the phone was Indian, it was a telemarketer. it's thought that most telemarketers are Indian.

it's not racist. most Indian fathers are very strict with there children, mostly daughters, dating, but I'm not saying all Indians are strict. most are though, stereotypically.


The fact that Indian parents are strict is not why OP mentioned their nationality. It's because there are a lot of call centers in India, therefore a lot of Indians are telemarketers because that's where they work. Get a clue.

Yeah it is. Most Indian people are telemarketers nowadays.

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#29 you live in st Thomas? my step dad was born there :)

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lol hope you're not serious 77

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there isn't anything racist about it...maybe a bit of a stereotype but unfortunately most telemarketing and support jobs are outsourced to india and other foreign countries.

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im indian and didnt find it racist at all

Efashah, bhen chod, u r too gori looking to be desi.

because most of the telemarketers are indian dumb ass

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geez, your dad needs to chill some. what a jerk (in a nice way of saying it).

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how the hell do you sat "what a jerk" nicely?!

haha lol you're hilarious at first I didn't get but now I do! hahahhaa thats actually really funny lol! :D

yeah, like all Indians say that -_- come up with something original, you racist twat.

108- You clearly do not know what racism is, nor do you understand a joke.

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im indian and tht was hilarious lmaooo