By Aggie_De - 14/12/2013 12:00 - United Kingdom

Today, I got the DVD back from a dance concert I did. After watching it, I realised that I had a camel toe through the whole thing. Three and a half hours. FML
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lyvingvamp 15

how exactly could you not feel that?

red225 14

Where can one find this DVD?


lyvingvamp 15

how exactly could you not feel that?

Unless she has vagina lips of steel...

Probably wore super tight pants. So you totally deserve it!

@ 18 a lot of dancer costumes are very tight. It is so they do not get in the way at all. of course this one was too tight, but it wasn't like she didn't have good cause to be in tight clothes

lyvingvamp 15

or, since she was dancing, it is more likely that she was wearing some sort of spandex, which has a tendency to ride up.

I am wondering if she was in the Nutcracker... Usually that has a lot of people watching so it would be embarressing to OP I guess. OP, don't be so sad, I'm sure that the people who noticed probably understood that you were wearing tights and that can happen.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That makes no fucking sense, 18. As these fine people stated, as well as OP, she was doing a dance routine. How often do you see dancers wearing baggy clothes? Minus the whole hippity hoppity dance style of course. My guess is that she was in a unitard or something like that, and we all know they're pretty tight fitting. Well, everyone except you it seems.

immunetoinsanity 23

"Hippity hoppity"

So wait, yo'll actually feel that?!?!? This makes me question every camel toe I've ever seen!!!!

hugozac88 22

#6 wtf lol

I myself dance. usually in front of a mirror when I practice. She should have practiced in her costume no? A little planning and preparing goes a long way.

amayasoma 19

Maybe some people are used to the camel toe o.o

My bet is that OP was focused on the dance, in every way possible, and couldn't feel it because of that. Dancers are good at ignoring "unnecessary" sensations and feelings. Hardcore dancers can overlook the searing pains resulting from torn muscles, broken bones and the like.

If you wear elastic sort of material for dancing it can be he usual feeling

#6 - Next time. she should consider wearing a kryptonite leotard

#94 - I misread "and the like" as "and life." that's probably also applicable.

let's hope that no one else noticed, or cared

We all noticed. I couldn't stop staring.

kittykat1501 31

What's a cameltoe?

Say no to the camel toe

It's just a minor hump

Two different things. If OP had a camel hump, she would have to change her gender icon.

Here she comes, there she goes, She shouldn't where them clothes, Her jeans are splittin' at the hips... Here she comes, there she goes, They call her camel toes, Yeah you can almost read her lips!

hunts19ketchup 23

#59, Yeah, correcting that didn't actually make it any better

It's actually a very humorous song...

...and you couldnt feel it?

You posted this a little too late, but I still give you props for trying.

How many people were watching the dance concert and who? I mean if it's just friends and family it's not that big of a deal.

Epikouros 31

Except that her new nickname would be Dancing Camel. Friends and family watching would be the worst!

wow, surely the pants or underwear riding up you vagina would be a sure indication of you having a camel toe.

fucMyLifeSoHard 18

She might have noticed, but couldn't do anything about it, seeing as OP was at a dance concert, which most likely means she was on a stage, in front of a lot of people. If that is the case, You wouldn't want to try and fix your camel toe in front of a bunch of people.

skyttlz 32

It would be like fixing a wedgie but in the front.

red225 14

Where can one find this DVD?

The adult erotica section of Walmart.

Somewhere in the UK.

#8 In the Sahara Desert, next to the other three camel toes.

luckyone365 7

61: impregnate me

#76 WTF haha! Your a guy, with no profile picture, and you ask me this. I think I have a FML to write.

you didn't feel that??

Infamous_Tora 12

Please read other comments before commenting, thanks.

wowsaint 4

Mama!! He got a camel toe... No son its just his style...

This comment was dumb !

RedPillSucks 31

A guy with camel toe would be a terrifying sight

MzZombicidal 36

#69, I could be wrong, but I believe that's called a "moose knuckle"

Good Chance she felt it but couldn't exactly do anything about in on stage and in front of an audience there's bound to be atleast one person commenting to their friend how they just saw the girl on the left pick her vajay.

I'd rather be the girl who picked her camel toe after a few minutes than the one who had it for hours.

Can you read? She said that she noticed it when she watched the video, not before.

not sure if you've ever had a wedgie picked it and then forgot about it but camel toe is quite similar. it very well could have been something she noticed and forgot but later after reviewing the footage realized that she had camel toe the entire film.