By gottalovefriends - United States - Atkinson
Today, it was my wedding day. With my best friend as the priest, she asked, "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" After saying I do, she then turned to him and asked, "Do you want to bang my friend?" Everyone laughed, except my already disapproving father. FML
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By  Sandsh8rk  |  36

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  zandalee  |  19

What? Get a sense of humor!! She was joking! Supposed to be a super happy occasion, Dad should chill the hell out and be happy for her!! Mad friends are what makes the world go round. I'd be lost without mine.

  RayRod  |  6

She doesn't need a new friend, her dad just needs to be more accepting. I mean banging is what must people do when they get married, so he could've just had a little sense of humor

  Drigr  |  9

I will never understand why people try to lie to make themselves look better. "I was clearly joking" then followed by "Yeah I read them FML wrong" people probably wouldn't be as harsh if others would just be like "Yeah, I read it wrong, my bad"

By  bethyc4  |  26

That guy is a boss


Uh, priestress tends to refer to pagans. Women can be ordained as priests/ministers in some churches however (united for sure... I think Anglican and Lutheran too but I might be wrong on those). They are NOT called priestesses. They are called pastor, minister or PRIEST when leading a church. Priestess refers mainly to Druidic leaders. So no, op should not have said priestess. It's your fault for being ignorant of correct religious leader titles.

  Eiregal2  |  10

Sweetie I am a practicing Wiccan and my friend who wrote that nicely informative comment was right. I was raised catholic so the only women of the church were sisters (nuns) most of my family moved off to England in the 50's and joined other religions where the female religious leader was known as vicar.


143- I study theology, am a practicing pagan and volunteer regularly with the MCC because while I don't share their believes I do share their love of helping others... And i happen to have performed weddings. Who is talking out their ass? Pretty sure it isn't me. ;)

  Quidikic  |  9

My dad and step mom had a woman priest. I was the best man and my step brother was the, second best guy thingy, whatever it is. Things aren't all set rules anymore.

  bogart20  |  13

Didn't everyone? Im pretty sure I saw you hiding in the back, acting like you weren't there.
Its just a joke, short bus comments aren't necessary. I mean I didn't ask if you skipped your anger management did I?

  missamerica95  |  0

I agree, that is going to be a great memory for them, something they can laugh about for years. Dad will come around eventually. I hope you had a day full of laughter and love OP :)