By kiwichick4life - 30/07/2013 16:42 - United States - Pickerington

Today, I was pretending to be a ballerina. I was dancing around my room, making a complete dick of myself. I eventually caught sight of a pair of guys grinning and filming me with their cellphones through my window. FML
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At least you had clothes on! You did, right??


At least you had clothes on! You did, right??

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Also at first I thought OP was a guy, it would have been much more embarrassing if she was. Not that I think male ballerinas are odd, I wish there were more. :(

@1 I dont know. only one way to find it

If she was naked, YouTube isn't the place to look...

I dont know. People have their ways of getting weird shit on youtube.

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either way I'm still searching YouTube

This FML gets a lot better when you imagine that her room is on the second story...

I hope you gave them a nice curtsy when you were done :)

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Did they at least clap when you finished? ;P

At least you were amusing enough to film...

seriously, YouTube feeds off of this stuff

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Those guys are called "Peeping Toms" and that is actually a crime. I would be horrified, and frightened, if I caught people filming me through my bedroom window and I would call the cops!

It shouldn't matter if her curtains were drawn or not. They had no business being close enough to her house to look through her windows at her, let alone film her. It is a crime, and I wouldn't blame OP if she called the police on them.

These are one of the things you'll look back on in the future and say, NONONONO why was I so dumb.

And you will wonder why people are staring through you window exactly at that moment.

its one of those things that's embarrassing now, but in two years you'll laugh and joke about it! don't worry, op :)

Haha! Did you invite them in for dinner after the show?

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Maybe your dance moves will be on YouTube!?Ta-daaaa, instant fame ;-)

I wonder if one of OP's poses looked like your profile picture.

They're called curtains, I suggest investing in some. They can be quite helpful.

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You know, after years of pretending to be a ballerina, I can say this is true.

Don't feel weird or foolish, OP. I pretend to do ballet all the time! I suck at it and fall, but the important thing is having fun and just dancing.

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In this case, you have the choices of privacy, freedom of expression, and sunlight. Unfortunately for you, you can only pick two. Unless pride be damned; then you can have all three.

Just realized you're a girl.. Didnt bother looking before. Man, this FML was so much better when I imagined OP as a man.

no worries I like to twerk in my kitchen

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Did you at least get one of their numbers? :p

pictures (or video) or it didn't happen