Today, since my neighbor bought two cows and put them in his garden, the smell discourages any potential buyers who come to visit my house that’s been for sale for a month. FML

By bonmoment - / Tuesday 11 August 2015 14:54 / Serbia - Belgrade
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i thought the same thing then saw the fml location is Serbia soooo... *shrug*.. I feel we must hope a random Serb who knows their legal shit to see this fml and comment in order to know.

By  Shade1982  |  18

This is a very dicky move and possibly illegal. If you are close enough to each other for this to happen, he is most likely not allowed to do this.

But your house has only been for sale for a month. That is really not that long yet in house selling terms...

By  species4872  |  19

Serbia..., If it was Siberia they could be frozen treats.

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