By broken_tibia - 10/12/2010 17:30 - Canada

Today, while playing soccer, I was kicked so hard in the shin that my tibia snapped. The snap was so loud that even the audience heard. As we waited for an ambulance, my mom started yelling for me to get off the field so the game could continue. FML
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broken_tibia tells us more.

clarification: I was wearing a shin-gaurd (clearly not a very good one...), the kick had enough force to break my leg anyways. Also, I only know about the loud crack because people told me about it, I didn't hear it myself (I was too busy writhing in agony to register much of anything really).

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OP's mom really has her priorities straight. >.>

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shin many people where baby shin guards high up their legs its so stupid.

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I'll give the OP some milk...(assuming the OP is female). Just tell the OP to come to my room...

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Eh, what the hell, I diversify. All are welcome into my tra- room... Especially you Kay.

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milk wont do shit!! put some damn shin guard that fit CORRRECTLY, then if that happens you can complain!

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looks like you got *sunglasses* the shin kicked out of you YEEEEAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!

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My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, And their like It's better than yours, Damn right it's better than yours, I can teach you, But I have to charge it really is good though. a lot of calcium for your bone. ers.

48: It does, dumbarse. Clacium is good for bones. I've drunk a fuckton of milk over my life and haven't broken a single bone:

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#125: And? I've never drank milk, and I've never broken a bone either.

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I second this. I've been hit in the side of the shin by the bumper of a car going 40mph on a 35mph street. Before someone says "YDI for being in the street with oncoming traffic" It was nighttime and the black car had no lights on. Even if I did deserve it, the point is My leg didn't break. Drink yo' milk.

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haha. easer said then done. lol

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atleast his mom cares about the game enough to tell him to get off the field aha.

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49, based on your profile picture; I love you.... xP

OP's mom really has her priorities straight. >.>

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Dummy if a player is injured and sits on the field to long, simply if the game is paused to long, then it is forfit and your team would lose. Would you want that?

Ahaha, so true! One of my teammates did such a thing at a tournament, both the two teams were disqualified since neither of us had scored a goal. Everyone bitched at the dude...poor, poor dude

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that is completely wrong! I play soccer on a rep team, and in one game we had a guy break his leg, and in the same game we had a guy collapse on the field, plus the other team had a player sent off, a total of 45 minutes were delayed, we never cancelled. there's just a lot of added/injury time. the only possible way for a game to be cancelled was if there was lightning. I could see that POSSIBLY happening if it was a tournament and the other games had to go ahead.

dnt be stupid,the ref stops the game or adds time on at the end for injuries and substitutions

You obviously don't play/watch football :/. Silly kids, it's called football not soccer.

For starters it's a pitch not a field and also football (soccer) is never abandoned because of an injury no matter how long it takes, that's what injury time is for. Fool. Matches are only ever forfeit if a team loses 5 players due to sendings off. OP - ouch, get better soon!

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if he's a kid they take a knee and he is taken off field and until he is the game is paused.

Not true. I'm a ref, and like all refs, own a FIFA law book, and there is no law that says anything like that. There is, however, a law allowing for extra time in case of an injury, or other stoppages. Its called stoppage time. BS.

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Soccer fans... What can we say.