By hairplease - United States
Today, I brought my best friend to my uncle's birthday party. We were having a great time until my grandmother walked up to us and said to me, "You sure have a nice looking boyfriend." My friend is a girl. She has cancer and lost all of her hair due to chemotherapy. FML
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  mrmystery96  |  0

The real fml here is:

Today, my best friend's grandmother called me a boy. why? because of the chemotherapy for my cancer. FML

OP needs to suck it up, the real victim here is the best friend.

  MZHUNIDEW13  |  0

how is the fml it should fhl...........btw. I hope your friend gets better I'm sad for her:(.......... and for the ppl who voted ydi how in the world did she deserve it

  guckylynn  |  19

It's not like the grandma knew the friend had cancer, but it is super obvious when someone is going through chemotherapy. Maybe she just was trying to be nice and it backfired.

  Cristaderzi  |  0

Actually there a Female Cancer patient that was called a Dyke because she had no hair!
The stupidity of people these days never fail to amaze me!
So Sad! Yeah OP so F your friends life and I'll be prayin for her...

  ravensunnyd  |  0

your a dick have you never lost some one you cared about and her friend can't help having cancer you should be put through the pain and misery of kemo and the pain of every one judjing you for looking the way you do

  pozmc  |  0

facingforeverr you're a complete asshole. I hope you get cancer and your friends abandon you, and everyone tells you ydi for having cancer.


lol srry my brother was on my account a lil bit ago while i was taking the dog out. nd he was being a dickhead on like three posts. theres also another one about facebook being gay nd bein butt buddies with twitter. but no im srry for the OP and her friend. my best friend has skin cancer and my cousin who im really close with has lung cancer. i hope tht didnt offend anyone and please completely disregard the above comment. no one deserves to have cancer.


omg im sorry. my brother was on my account while i was taking the dog out. he was bein a dickhead on like three posts. there another one about facebook bein gay nd stuff on a different fml. im really sorry for the both the OP and her friend. my best friend has skin cancer and last year, i lost my cousin to cancer. i apologize to everyone who read that comment and you can be damn sure that i will pass onthe hate messages to my brother.