By breakfast tea - 07/04/2012 19:30 - Hong Kong - Central District

Today, I was escorted out of the building for getting in a scuffle at my anger management class. FML
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Meeting official: Please introduce yourself. OP: I'm Bob. Official: Now tell us why you're here. OP: No. Official: I said do it! OP: NO! **** YOU! Official: That's it! It's on, asshole!


olpally 32

Yes, that's correct... Jeez op, control your anger... God dammit!!

OP goes to AA meetings...and gets HUUULK SMAAASHED!!!

Might I suggest banging your head against the hood of your car? Every time you see the dents, one of two things will happen: A.) you will be reminded how foolish it is to live your life in anger or B.) you'll get more mad and will start doing it again. Either way, keep your rage to yourself and away from others, you're not the only one with problems you selfish asshole.

^ How 'bout the irony in this one?

^^ I guess some people don't appreciate sarcasm anymore. It's just ridiculous that someone would get thrown out of an anger management class for their behavior. I mean how big of a chip on your shoulder do you have to have to act that way? Everyone has problems and it's up to everyone at the end of the day to effectively deal with them. Taking anger out on people you don't even know is transference, and by hurting others you don't resolve the hurt or get revenge, you just make other peoples' lives shitty.

starman02 12

LOL! This is funny.. But really what do people expect? Put a bunch of angry people in the same room to " talk it out" ...

51, I'm sure 40 was just thread jacking and not calling you an idiot.

QueenQuay77 10

Breakfast tea in the morn tend to make people less angry, try it OP.

That's how you spell it? My life was a lie!

I guess they fixed it. It didn't say "escorted" first.

Typical illiterate Twi-tard. It's spelled "escorted" for a start, and it means accompanying someone or something.

It said "Escored" first not "escorted". I've never seen any FMLs with mistakes in them before. Just curious.

Yes #2. If only there was a way to "escore" you off of the internet.

Look, I realize the FML was fixed. I'm trying to figure out how to delete my comment.

#16 just start saying some racist, stupid, and ignorant shit. Your profile would soon be deleted including all of your comments.

Can everyone just forget about this? I'm sorry, I know I made a mistake, and the FML was edited since I posted it. Good enough for all of you?

dominic1221 6

2- I agree with you; it indeed said escored at first, and the people saying bullshit have no idea, but it's a shame they don't let me post anything, but they take FMLs with errors? Lol, and to delete it, if you're on an iPod, or iPhone it's usually slide the comment on the right side and a delete button should pop up.

Ok everyone, lay off. She's right - the FML had a typo which she, unlike you, caught. The mods then fixed it, and you're all jumping on her for no reason. Please Sissycullen, let me escore you away from these twits.

Was Jack Nicholson there? Seriously...u rack disciprine!

Gooose frahbahhh Say it with me now Gooose frahbahhh :D

NoisyNykkii 10

In a scuffle with who? The head negro in charge just didn't sit well with you huh?

HolyPotato 9

Mmmmmmm SEXAYYYY ! Rubbin' my rumples.

olpally 32

Read the damn fml again!!! This has nothing to do with the fml!! Gtfo

Hahaha ohhhh the irony :) but I can see that happening, a bunch of people in a room with anger issues? yeah there could be some problems there

nofearjenshere 12

10- You, my friend, have an awesome picture.

QueenQuay77 10

RoadHouse!! *Peter Griffin Voice

jerseyboy732 16

well screw em! obviously the class wasn't doing a very good job

I think screwing them just might make things even worse.

A little too's like rain on your wedding day...

HolyPotato 9

Or a free ride that's already paid.