By GoldenSteve - 05/11/2015 15:31 - United States - Humble

Today, my gym teacher ranted about how the government should put all the death row inmates in a coliseum and film them fighting. I guess he lied when he said he only drinks at the weekend. FML
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Listening to insane rambling > gym class Or maybe I'm just a lazy ass.


AkBunny907 18

How is this a FML? I'm pretty sure his opinion effects you in zero ways other than maybe being annoyed.

Listening to insane rambling > gym class Or maybe I'm just a lazy ass.

No, you're not alone there. no class > class No matter what.

Hey! I moderated this and I told you no! Bad FML! Bad!

Why did this even get featured? It's not really an FML at all

Surely your gym teacher meant Colosseum ?

Well that does seem a bit fishy.. Hopefully he doesn't find himself in that situation, otherwise he may change his opibion

Shadowvoid 33

I mean that does sound pretty entertaining... Also, how insensitive OP, he only drinks on the weekends, it's his sporadic drug usage that you have to look out for.

Eyalsh 32

the idea is very similar to george carlin's "4 groups that have to go" look for it on youtube. one of his best bits in my opinion

That's a great idea though. And the one who wins doesn't have to die!

Tell him they already did that once at the real coliseum, they were called Gladiators, and it turned out pretty bad for everyone.

Those were slaves though, not just prisoners. It wouldn't be bad if it was people who were already sentenced to death.

MasterTron 24

That's it we need the THUNDERDOME!!! Two inmates enter one inmate leaves!

34, But it didn't turn out bad for everyone. It turned out quite good for everyone but the gladiators. Don't believe everything Mel Gibson does.

superwh00 10

maybe that wouldn't be the best idea, because the winner mercilessly slaughtered most of the other inmates...

well yeah except that's like really illegal. Like way breaking international laws.

But this is America. International laws don't apply to us.

I'm sorry, but I don't want the King of Death Row to be walking around in my civilization!