By anonymous - 09/10/2014 22:09 - United States - San Francisco

Today, while arriving to a date for the first time in a couple years, the first thing out of his mouth was, "I'm only dressed up because I had court today." FML
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Why would that even be necessary to state

Run away and never look back.


Run away and never look back.

What if he is a lawyer? They dress up for court to.

He could also have been the judge! Wouldn't it be something to frolick those long locks?

Or perhaps he was supporting a friend or family member?

It could be ANY reason! No need to jump to conclusion!

Maybe it was jury duty!

Why would that even be necessary to state

Maybe the guy was really nervous. He might have been a little overdressed for the date so he felt the need to explain himself why, and I'm guessing he didn't mean for it to come out how it did lol. But maybe he was in court for a ticket or something, doesn't mean it was anything really bad.

They might have been meeting up for a quick afternoon coffee date and it would look quite odd if one of them showed up in a suit and tie

Ah, love at first sight! I mean what is more important in a relationship then honesty and court appeals? Lol

Well, dating did used to be called courting.

O, if only that were the meaning, for when when people said courting, these days. But endearing is not apart of people's rapport, apparently.

How many people out of high school or college in the past ~20 years even know the meaning of courting? If stopped on the street I'd be willing to bet at least 75% couldn't give a correct answer, and 50% of those would likely answer with something regarding the core system. SAD

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Oh boo hoo the world is ending because you assume people don't know the meaning of a word.

yeahhh dont talk to that guy ever again

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Sometimes you gotta wonder if their statement is true, or if they've just been dared by a mate to say it!

What was he there for? There are tons of reasons for having a court date. Not all are bad. But he certainly did a terrible job of saying it. And yet you still can't blame him. As much fun as it may be to dress up for a date, ive heard it was a lot more fun to dress down for a date!

jazzy_123 20

of course not are all bad. He could have gotten a speeding ticket. You should always dress up for court no matter what. However, the fact that he needed to say he didn't dress up for OP means that he didn't care enough for the date to dress up on his own account and also, he doesn't care about hurting OPs feelings. I'd probably feel embarrassed after that, especially if I had taken the time to pick an outfit. It's hard being with an inconsiderate person. So I'd suggest Op run.

You're completely right. The second part of my last comment was not serious. I think that both parties no matter what should always treat dates with respect. That other person is taking time out of their day to be with you. But you should also dress accordingly to the date. Don't wear dress up elegantly if you're going for coffee. And yes, the man was showing a complete lack of respect for OP. Most women I know will often wear high heels when dressing up. So in the case that OP was wearing high heels, then how does she run away? I've seen a lot of things, but a girl running with good form at their top speed in high heels is NOT one of them!

But who says they were at a fancy place that would require dressing up? Maybe they were in a casual setting.

Please tell me he's a lawyer who loves casual clothes.

I don't know what physiological reaction can take place in a natural brain that can lead to such statements

Maybe he just won a lawsuit for 10 million and this is your lucky break.

Or you could look at the bad side and he is a serial killer.

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Strange man. You should definitely merry him.