By work -_- - 22/04/2013 13:22 - United Kingdom - Mitcham

Today, I was feeling really sick at work. I messaged my boss whether his girlfriend, who also works there, could cover me. He then came down, shouting at me that whatever illness I have, I've also passed on to his girlfriend. I'm pregnant. FML
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That's pretty selfish of you. Try to keep your pregnant germs to yourself from now on.

Wizardo 33

Why does it seem like almost every boss in the world is either really stupid or really incompetent.


Your boss is a dumb ass no offence

I'd use spell check before calling other people dumbasses.

Dun h8 on #1 gaiz heez spel corectly u gaiz r dumb #swagyolo420 #justme #funtimesonFML

I could literally feel the stupidity of that comment trying to seep into my brain

Offence is not a word (it's offense). Nor is gaiz. It goes against logic to use an equally long word as an abbreviation. i.e. 'gaiz' is not an abbreviation for 'guys.'

Actually, offence IS a word, it's the british spelling of the word. So before you go grammar naziing people, do a little research.

'twas the point 43, the only person who could defend #1 would have to have soooooo muuuuuch swaaaaaaag

It's like people don't know I also hate swag and am joking? I'm not sure...

NO! Lots of offence. Lots and lots of offence.

Yep, the best defense is a good offence.... dunno what that has to do with this though.

3rdbass 9

It would be relevant if you spelled "offense" right.

They DID spell it right, offence is the british spelling, and since it is in fact thd original spelling, it is equally if not more correct.

I know i have horrible spelling and i was being sarcastic calm yourself

cherry72 13

*Offense (I hate grammar Nazi's, but this was overboard) OK there's my 2 cents for the day, take it or leave it.

Actually 86, offence is correct in England. Therefore, you just made a complete fool of yourself, especially because you misspelled "Nazis".

They said nazi's notice the comma and quit being a dick they are correct in AMERICA we don't all live in England

Call down Mr. Satan

Wizardo 33

Why does it seem like almost every boss in the world is either really stupid or really incompetent.

Stupid is practically synonymous with incompetent. Therefore, every boss on the planet must be stupid. Definitely the reason they made it to management.

expertsmilee 26

Most managers do not need to be in management, and I for one often question how they made it there in the first place.

They say it's all about who you know...

HeadlessSparrow 20

Because nobody is going to write an FML on here saying that their boss is awesome.

Mine is but if I told you who they might demote him.

Wizardo 33

I'm guessing its all about how many dicks you blow or if you genuinely work for it... or the former.

those who cannot do, teach. those who cannot teach manage...

caysters 12

Basically where I work, it's all about who you know... Or what language you speak. You speak English, you ain't getting far... Funny, I thought I lived in the us... Hmm...

Because only the stupid ones get on FML

what an insensitive bastard

#3 I do believe that could be why they posted it

That's when you ask if he got the sickness too. She had to get it somehow!

Now we just need OP to comment saying whether her boss was actually aware she was pregnant, or whether she hasn't told him, in which case he couldn't help but be wrong about this.

Whether he knew doesn't matter, claiming his gf 'caught' OP's illness was his shit way of making excuses for his gf. I would love to know what happened after the OP told him what was up, if she did tell him.

That's pretty selfish of you. Try to keep your pregnant germs to yourself from now on.

Misswildsides 22

Yeah, bad OP! You shouldn't pass pregnancy onto other people!

It's not THAT selfish, she was sharing her her pregnant germs after all!

Your boss is a total dumbass.

Apologise for impregnating his girlfriend you evil, heartless woman!!!

The boss probably thought OP and his girlfriend watched one of those 3D porn videos together and so they both caught the pregnancy while he was away so technically OPs fault

You managed to impregnate his girlfriend with your baby? Props, your son (I'm assuming, then) is going to be VERY fertile!

Sex Education, now available in the womb.

Well no, and that's the problem. First it was teen pregnancy, now...

You're pretty amazing if you could pass pregnancy along to his gf!

That's something they don't teach you in sex ed..

Oh crap, I think by reading this, I caught the stupid from your boss.

Thats rediculus. U cant catch stoopid by reeding FMLs.

rg350dx 29

How did you...? Are you a wizard?

Editing comments. (Sorry for ruining the magic.)