By Anonymous - 23/06/2011 00:36 - Australia

Today, I'm a graduate but still an unpaid intern. My daily work is folding letters and putting them into envelopes. The sad thing is, I actually enjoy doing it. FML
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u can take a government job doing that? and ur doing what u love, some ppl are whoreing themselves to stay alive, be grateful

I smell a nerd! Ha just can't smell things over electronic devices, but really, just kidding...I enjoy it too.

At least you have a job AND enjoy it!

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Is unpaid really considered a job, though? It's good for recommendations, but that's about it.. It won't keep OP alive, that's for sure.

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so they should be grateful theyre doing work for someone and earning no income? yeah, whats not to be grateful for...? i totally enjoy spending hours of my day doing someone elses work and not getting reimbursed for my time!

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****** tend to make slightly more money than unpaid interns, who knows though, it could change.

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lol switch the letters with pages full of swear words around, have some fun ;)

What's with the 'you should be grateful' and 'at least you have a job' comments?!! This is UNPAID! It's not a job, it's slavery. An unpaid position isn't a job, it's taking a job away from someone they would have to otherwise pay to do it.

I wonder how much you'll enjoy it when it comes time to payback your student loans??

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there's going to be an app for that.

"I love my job so much I don't even mind not getting paid. FML"

Is this one really so bad? You could always end up with work you hate with a pay rate thats a slap in the face. I've been there.

Atleast OP likes to work! They'll strive to do better then most to earn that extra paycheck or promotion once they start a real job!

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lol likes to work and will strive to do better? ha! OP stuffs envelopes for her internship and enjoys it. A trained monkey could do it. she'll strive to work the lowest paid job at the company.

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haha The funny thing is they taste like unicorns

I do too #3! And when the envelopes have that stuff to lick too, right? :D

I think I'd rather have a job I hate and get paid for it than an unpaid internship that I like. But that's just me.

At least you have a job doing something you enjoy...

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Seriously. She shouldn't be complaining if she's enjoying it. It doesn't seem she's doing anything to make it better for herself either so...This isn't an FYL or YDI.

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op is an intern that means not getting paid. And it is a fml because op went to school only to fold letters???? lol wow

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Well, if we take their hourly rate, figure the taxes and subtract them... it comes out to.... yup, still zero....

thats gonna keep a roof over his head long

My, my. Such potential. Anyway, why complain if you like it?

Do you enjoy the fresh smell of freshly printed letters or is it the feel of the envelopes as you hold and lick them?

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Among other things I'm sure.