By courtnayy - 30/09/2013 14:47 - United States

Today, I got proposed to. I have been dating my boyfriend for 3 years and we have 2 kids. It was perfect, except it was my ex-boyfriend who proposed to me. FML
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Take the ring and use it to propose to your boyfriend.

Sounds like a dramatic love story. But the guy's pretty late!


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HeyHeyFishFillet 34

Her boyfriend now has to propose to her because someone else did? What kind of logic is that?

Gingerette 8

It's not necessarily going to happen, that's just how jealousy usually works. And whether or not her current boyfriend is jealous says a good deal.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

They're kind of right.. I'm not saying its always like this, but when someone notices their significant other getting attention from a former boyfriend/girlfriend it kicks their romance into high gear. The thought of losing someone because you're not on par with their ex's romantic antics, you usually end up trying to out do them one way or another. Jealousy is a helluva feeling. Like I said it's not like this for everyone, but it is for a few people. I, being one of those people. I hate people being sweeter than I am to my girl. I understand I just way over think it, but, it still makes me try a little harder than I really should have too.

Sounds like a dramatic love story. But the guy's pretty late!

Richard!? Sounds like an episode of Friends. :P

Take the ring and use it to propose to your boyfriend.

There might not have been a ring in the ex's proposal. :P But truth be told, I'd rather not have an engagement ring at all, than to wear one that was given by my ex.

Just be patient, although you already have children with your boyfriend, it's better not to rush into marriage

hahaha... don't rush into marriage but have two kids! That cracked me up!

Do you even know the divorce rate statistics? It's better to wait another year or two and make sure that marriage is the best option rather than rushing in and regreting it later.

I think you're a bit past the "dating" stage if you have two kids with your boyfriend. Talk to him about marriage if you want it so badly.

jw90 18

I agree, 3 years and children is viable enough to get married.

That would really depends on the person some people may date 2 years and have a kid together but not feel ready for marriage.

ninety 25

I don't understand how anyone can have kids with a person, been in a relationship for x amount of years, possibly living together, and still claim they're not ready. I mean, at that point, why not?

WhisperSoflty 20

Or even more odd, 61; the people who claim to not want the commitment, and then they have children. As if raising kids isn't one of the biggest commitments a person can make.

I have a son with my boyfriend of 2 years on and off and my fiancé of 2 years, 4 combined, and we have a 9 months old, we just can't seem to find the time to prepare for a wedding. We have family breathing down our backs, "have a big wedding or you'll regret it, courthouse weddings aren't special enough" but honestly I'm not really concerned with a fancy ceremony. We plan to have a quick private, family and close friends only, wedding at the courthouse, and then a redneck style potluck after party. Just have to get it together finally.

Let me clarify, I have one SO. And one child, just in case anyone is confused, because honestly it could be misinterpreted.

Wait, so you have an on and off boyfriend and a fiance? Hope the boyfriend switch is turned off.

EXACTLY 63! I'll never understand why people (deliberately) have children before they get married! Unless you're one of those "marriage is an archaic and sexist institution and I don't believe in it" types, it makes absolutely no sense to commit to creating a HUMAN ******* BEING before you commit to what is basically a contract not to have sex with anyone else. When you have a child, you have a permanent connection with the other parent, pretty much no matter what. I was married to a horrible person once. Luckily, we didn't have any children, so I was able to divorce him and sever all ties with him. It's been 3 years now, and I haven't spoken to or heard from him since and likely will never have to again. It wouldn't be like that at all if we had a child. I'd have to continue to have contact with him whether I liked it or not, and he would continue to bring me and our child misery for as long as he lived.

monnanon 13

i made sure i had a kid before i was married. i really dont see the point of marriage and i dislike how everything before marriage is treated as a precursor to a wedding instead of a relationship in its own right. you shouldnt need a contract to not **** other people.

Wizardo 33

Propose the idea of proposal to your boyfriend, sort of like propoception.

Sounds like something out of a movie. An extremely bad movie.

You have kids already and you arnt even married? Wow

wiccanangel13 10

This is the 21st century. Not everyone is in a rush to get married. You don't have to be married to have kids. Many people these days aren't. Get over it.

Talk about obsessive! I would most definitely change my number and avoid him at all costs.

Ari1337 15

he's her ex and she's dating someone else, that's pretty not okay in my book.

That doesn't necessarily make him a stalker though. Just an idiot.

Sounds more like **** his life. Who is worse off really, you happy in your new life or him, a pathetic lonely loser trying to desperately cling to the past?