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Today, my co-workers agreed that I was the one causing the elevator to be over its weight limit. When I protested, saying that I only weigh around 150 pounds, one asked me if that included the weight of my wheelchair. They made me get out. FML
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Elevators were designed for handicapped people . Tell their lazy asses to get out and take the stairs ......


kickazz16 15

I would have ran over their feet and went 'oops.' xD dumb bitches. They should take their lazy asses to the stairs.

mgsoloist 14

20-seriously...they're the ones that can get the hell out of there. For him, that's the only option. What insensitive assholes.

rein 8

they see you rollin' they hatin'...sorry op, i couldn't resist :p but anyway just tell your supervisor about it, those jerks won't get away will this.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

If it is multiple co-workers then there combined weight would effect the elevator not just ur 150lbs

a_nutritionist 10

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a_nutritionist, I lost my respect for you. What if the guy's a parapalegic(sp?), then how will he walk? Plus, how the **** is he being selfish?

dicks its not like you can take the stairs

a-nutrionist I would simply like to smash u in two right about! your a selfish f**ker. I would never wish being in a wheelchair to anyone, sadly that includes you. but I'd sure like to beat the shit out of you!

48- There is a limit to what you can place sarcasm on and still have it be acceptable ..

schaflava 0

Whatfml, you're an idiot. In the small corner of the planet you live in, missionaries must not have brought the joy of sarcasm to you.

mr_torch91 1

Bahhahahaha FML bashing is the funny part. But seriously, file for litigation and get them all fired. Or run over their feet and punch em' in the jeans.

a_nutritionist 10

@65 thats only true when talking with strangers. among my co-fmlers i feel loved and free to say things like this because i know you will all understand me, as we have come to know each other i consider you not only online acquaintances, but you are all my friends... the last hour has shown i need to point out: that too was sarcasm.

enonymous 8

54 - I take the stairs everyday in my wheel chair... Backwards while doing a hand stand... Throw in a little parkour with it

LiyIa_fml 8

Run them over with the wheel chair!

Press all the buttons on your way out OP. Maybe even the stop or emergency button too so they have to suffer with you? But it's up to you. If you just want to run over their feet, that's cool with me too.

If you beat the **** outta him, he'd be in a wheelchair, just saying.

Alexisthebestest 16

You're the one that should be taking the elevator. Why can't one of them just take the stairs instead? They're capable of it. What happened to people being polite?

a_nutritionist 10

@60 you and 16 other people either have comprehension issues or major aggression problems. you all probably need therapy.

Seriously, this is the first FML in a long time that has made me go: What the hell is wrong with people these days

A_nutritionist...I just don't think you can win here. Do the honourable thing and move along. Also, **** those other people in the elevator!!! What total jerks!

Um... Wtf 48?? I really didn't think there was a bigger asshole on this planet other than my father- but boy! Do you take the cake! Why don't you jump down an elevator shaft and only break your back and legs, making sure YOU can't walk again. To bad karma isn't instant -_-;

That's completely messed up... I'm currently in a wheelchair for whenever I go out and do stuff, due to the fact that I had major surgery 2 months ago, and I've honestly never had one person be rude to me like that. FYL OP.

pu13 5

A_nutristionist, you are such a win. Pepple on fml can be really stupid and annoying, giving support and advice, but some amazing people are witty and humourous. You sarcasm was not entirely unapreciatted. (i know me spelling sucks)

Starcatch77 20

48...There are so many things wrong with what you just said. "Suffer through the pain of learning to walk again"? Really? OP could easily be paralyzed, or HAVE NO LEGS. Being in a wheelchair is very rarely a temporary thing, so your comment is completely insensitive and just makes no sense. If someone is in a wheelchair (permanently) they physically cannot take stairs. So why should they have to get out while a perfectly able bodied person stays in the elevator?

a_nutritionist 10

@185 really? i think we established it was sarcasm. OBVIOUSLY nobody is stupid enough to suggest someone whos possibly been in a wheelchair their entire life just goes and "learns to walk". my ******* god. get a clue you stupid twat.

You are an asshole. It is simple as that.

Elevators were designed for handicapped people . Tell their lazy asses to get out and take the stairs ......

Listen to this guy. If they keep giving you a hard time, get your boss on this. You physically cannot take stairs. They can. Tell them to suck it up and take the damn stairs like able bodied people SHOULD.

kickazz16 15

Put them in a wheel chair and see how it feels. Geez what happened to humanity.

Seriously there is a potential lawsuit here, if your boss does nothing, call a lawyer

Or just cut the power to the elevator and scare them

Or, alternatively, brake all their legs to the point where they all need a wheelchair, that'll teach them.

tell them it won't after you beat their asses with it. or does your weight include the 4 Twinkie wrappers in your purse.

Vball6 19

If only I could favorite this comment...

You really need to sit up for yourself! You should have never left the elevator. I hope you took this up with management, a supervisor and the Equal Opportunity. Your coworkers are messed up.

Lol @ 150 "sit up for yourself"? Lol And I agree don't let them bully you OP.

Buttsexpirate 9

Should've ran over all their feet with your wheelchair as you got out.

Hit them with your footplates, OP! I will be willing to go in front of a jury and say that those cuts and bruises on their shins did not come from you. Seriously, when my family (including my quadraplegic dad) put the lift over the weight limit, we got out. Then I had to run upstairs and call the lift because they design those things for tiny people with functioning arms, not fully-grown men who can bat stuff around on their lap without precision.

MURDERRRBAAAAALLLLL! is a demolition Derby like sport played in wheelchairs (that I'm inventing if its not really one)

I am so modding Dad's chair and entering him into that. Would lances and spiked wheels be allowed?

most things are okay as long as their safe so no explosions are allowed but the combatants will have Knight suits on so lances are good no buzzsaws either this is battle bots

Wouldn't it of been easier to just either press the buttons and get out or leave one person in their with him?

4ugu4 7


Some people is sooo nasty. But remember that karma is a bitch. They'll pay. DOn't feel too bad!

The elevator's pulley system with snap on the way up in a couple days. I'd stay away from it.

TheSnakeDoctor20 17

38- did you cut the safety line as well?

ThatFatGuyBehind 3

Go Grand Theft Wheelchair in that elevator!

gimp21_11 0

******* ridiculous... I've spent my fair share of time in a wheelchair and I know how insensitive people can be. Keep your chin up! Karma's a bitch... They'll get theirs.

Ouch. People are just plain rude nowadays. I would either tell your boss or find a new job.

that was pretty sad of them, but at least they weren't saying that you were fat.

10- Dumb and ass come to mind after reading your comment.... Please tell me you were joking or are you really that dumb and superficial?

T.V apparently gave this one a horrid self Image. Under the circumstances, I don't think that actually matters if OP is fat. And if 150lbs is fat, You need help.