Bigmouth Strikes Again

By Anonymous - 29/10/2019 04:03

Today, I was involved in an intense argument with my dad. Just as I yelled, "You haven't done one thing for me", my phone rang. The same phone that, as of today, my dad no longer pays the bill for. FML
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bobsanction 18

You certainly proved that talk is cheap. Although, maybe not that cheap if your phone is going unpaid.


You certainly proved that talk is cheap. Although, maybe not that cheap if your phone is going unpaid.

bobsanction 18

Chalk it up as one lesson you have learned from him. How to become independent.

manb91gb 15

Take the L and be a more appreciative and thoughtful son/daughter. What do you expect people to say? 😂

Call him and tell him your sorry! Oh wait you can’t. You tried to be a smart ass with your dad and now he’s not paying the bill for you. If your 18 and no longer in high school you need to grow up and pay your own bill.

Some people have a mouth so big they can fit an entire foot in it.

davidjaxs 5

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Mungolikecandy 19

Be glad that was the only thing he cut off as I am certain he does a lot more than just that for you.

ozie_bear 6

As a dad myself, this is pretty standard. Some kids think their parents somehow owe them something, yet they don’t appreciate - or even recognise - what their parents do give them. And the richer the family, the worse is the expectation and privilege. Sad but human nature I guess. It still sucks to see your kid turn out to be a selfish arsehole. But it’s never too late to teach life’s lessons - This dad did it right I think - and I’d do the same TBH. To the OP - be glad your dad still loves you despite you being a complete twat.

as a human birthed by two other humans who decided to bring me into this shit world with out my permission i certainly cant agree that they owe me nothing but then again im smart enough to not yell at the one who pays for my living

rotflqtms_ 21

You still have a choice... everyone does. You can...idk stop living with said parents. You could become homeless... You could get yourself thrown in jail to live there. You're lucky they brought you into the world AND decided to keep you and feed you and care for you. They could have thrown you in the garbage or left you on a doorstep. They could have killed you, they could have put you into the foster system. They chose to take care of you, pay for everything you own and put up with your crap... just saying... you still have a choice if you don't like it at your place.

Is this THE most deserved FML ever? Bad move...