By Anonymous - / Wednesday 20 October 2010 22:22 / United States
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  YDI_S  |  0

YDI for your dad getting a new phone and puting you on speed dial. You have received several voice mails from him accidentally dialed. They are from him riding the train, in a meeting, having lunch, and, most recently, him taking a monstrous dump.

  legonut6  |  0

Not trolling, but no one is forcing you to sit through listening to the whole voicemail, so YDI for listening to each one in full even when it was obvious that it was a useless voicemail.

  illmatic2  |  16

Doc- He was saying that the OP can't find any girls to have sex with. Or if the OP is a girl then she can't find any guys to have sex with. I'm good at speaking stupid.

  Kua_Mei  |  0

W4X was using titles of books or (is Pussycats a book? I can't recall) other media similar to the slang words for "vagina" and "penis," respectively, to indicate sex.

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