By idislikeblanks - 30/01/2013 07:03 - United States - Lathrop

Today, my 5-year-old nephew had the most amazing idea: to play a game with my keys. He took out all ten keys individually and hid them around the house. So far it's been two hours and I haven't found a single one. FML
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obviousboy 8

I see him saying, "Let's play a game," to people in the future.

Meenah_fml 4

Yikes. Kids find the craziest hiding spots for small things. Good luck.


Meenah_fml 4

Yikes. Kids find the craziest hiding spots for small things. Good luck.

Like when I was six, I hid my dad's wallet in the toaster slot... Let's hope OP's nephew ain't as stupid as I am! Or as smart... I really don't know which one it was.

Jessj958 19

Yes they do have the craziest and best spots! But they always know right where they put it when you ask. At least, that has been my experience. Hope you find your keys OP!

Ask your nephew where he hid them. If he doesn't tell you say he can never have candy or treats ever again. Or Santa doesn't give gifts to kids who hid others stuff.

Fight fire with fire. Hire the next door neighbor's kid to find them.

obviousboy 8

I see him saying, "Let's play a game," to people in the future.

With keys to the locked doors which the people are trapped in - this time.

congradulations...........a 5 year old is smarter than you

He doesn't have to be smarter, just sneakier, and since he's small theres so many places he could access to hide stuff, the back of a cupboard, under furniture...inside furniture, theres so many horrible places to hide stuff if you really want to. Also keys are small so, say its in a bunch of clothes, wrapped up, if OP just picks it up without shaking, it won't be found.

Wow. I never realesed that one's ability to play hide and seek directly correlated with how smart they are. Why don't they just play hide n seek instead of having university exams?

I thought he was smart just because he could undo a keychain, that's gotta be a pretty complex brain teaser to a five year old.

*Congratulations You should just use "congrats" next time

RedPillSucks 31

congradulations what morons give each other when they graduate community college. those who earn real degrees give each other congratulations. Billy Bob: Hey Bubba, congratulations! You did it! Bubba: ... Billy Bob: I'mean congradulations on gettin yer degree! Bubba: Aw shucks, was nuthin. Takin them classes was easy. Them testes was the worstest, though.

cryssycakesx3 22

You've just got to love hide & seek. But why leave your keys out? YDI

dhenri 9

Also, why didn't he just tell the kid to give him the keys or he is in trouble???

People give little kids shiney things to keep them out of trouble.. But nowhere in the FML does it state that op knew about it until to late..

Do you suggest that OP should lock away all of their keys? Even the one to open the locked container?

Possibly down the spaces between the floorboards

chick92282 15

This is where bribery comes in! "I will give you one cookie for every key you give back." Worth a shot!

Trisha_aus 15

Unless he ate them, which in that case, I hope he keeps them...

Tell him that for every key he gives back, you won't hide one of his toys!