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Thanks, "Bro"

Today, my brother "pranked" me by dropping my new laptop out my bedroom window. He'd set up a saran wrap safety net below to catch my laptop safely, but he didn't secure it well enough. My laptop is completely fucked and he won't accept responsibility because he didn't mean to break it. FML
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  Talonshere  |  14

My dad is incredibly bias. My sister acts like the devils child yet still gets away with things under my dad's nose, on the other hand if I lets say... misplaced an item. I would be a criminal in his eyes.


Same here. My sister burned down part of our community college and went to jail, all he did about that was push it off on her friends being a bad influence. I broke a glass and got yelled at for several days

  dabomb467  |  6

Wow, that sucks. It sort of works the same way at my house, but my parents would definitely make my younger siblings at least pay for a new one or they would get in trouble for a long long time because they reap what they sow.

  OverBlossomed  |  21

Couldn't agree more. If my sister ever did anything wrong, it was my fault, even if I wasn't there! My mom had the idea since I'm the older sibling, my sister was my responsibility. I still question why she she had another child if she wanted someone else to be responsible for her.

By  onlyme25  |  26

Sorry this happened to you. I hope that you can come to some type of understanding with each other and he'll at least offer to pay half of whatever it cost to replace your laptop.

  angelnursery  |  18

What understanding is there to be brought to though? Op's brother fucked up big time and whether it was on purpose or not, it's time to accept his responsibility as the one who made the situation what it is.

  IcemistDragon  |  20

Op shouldn't have to shell out another possibly $500+ for a new laptop when they or their parents most likely just purchased this one. The sibling needs to know they majorly fucked up and have to deal with the consequences by paying for repairs or a replacement.

  mariri9206  |  32

They shouldn't have to pay fix any of it. It's not OP's doing - it's their brother's doing so it's the brother's responsibility to pay to fix it (all of it), not OP.

  SharSjar  |  7

Excuse you? Why should he only pay half of it? He should pay everything for being such a dick and a dumb ass. Take responsibility for the jokes you pull.

  ThatHorse  |  15

One grows up with siblings who are prone to getting their way and getting off easy with punishments for pranks. That's how one thinks of these types of punishments.

  GhostFox  |  33

Hot glue isn't actually as hot as the name indicates. I used to play with it by making shapes with it on my skin. Duct tape, though, you have to either pull it off or wait for enough moisture to accumulate that it can be peeled off.