By cupcakelady127 - / Wednesday 23 March 2011 11:25 / United States
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  shaneac  |  0

Lol, I've read stories of people skiing into hidden signs that say "Ski safely." The signs were hidden so that you don't see them until it's too late to avoid them...

  KMilliron  |  2

My history teacher had one in the front of her room that said "pay attention" needless to say I didn't.

No worries I passed that class with a ninety seven average. :D

  KMilliron  |  2

I have a driving phobia, so I walk or bike everywhere. Considering how often I crash just doing THAT I guess I shouldn't bother with a license anytime soon.

While I like to think I rep the ladies pretty well I'm ashamed to admit I fucked us over with this stereotype.

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