By Jadwee96 - Canada
Today, I was driving home from an airport. On the way home, I got a flat tire. Once I was outside the car I realized that I had accidentally locked the car with the keys inside. I was in the middle of nowhere 20 miles from anywhere and couldn't call for help since my phone was in the car. FML
Jadwee96 tells us more :
okay i am just going to further explain what happened.. I was driving a friend's car that has a custom safety feature, so whenever you close the driver's door, it automatically locks. I didn't know this at the time as my friend forgot to tell me. And yes, I did manage to get out you smart alecks, meaning someone finally drove by after an hour standing in the cold. I didn't want to break his window since the car cost a lot of money because it is custom all of the parts are hard to get.
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  Reyo  |  2

This. The cost it will take to fix your window might teach you to a) not lock your keys in the car and b) KEEP YOUR PHONE IN YOUR POCKET. Jesus people it's not a hard concept...