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By so unsexy - 04/08/2016 21:32 - United States - Seattle

Today, I thought I'd spice things up by kissing my husband on the lips and then working my way down. But about halfway, I got some of his chest hairs lodged in my throat and started gagging. To avoid ruining the mood, I kept going, silently gagging, until we finished. I swallowed the hair. FML
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RedCronos 17

The fact that you went through with it is impressive


jcash52426 5

When I read this all I can picture is you choking on his chair and then throwing up all over his chest area. What I don't get is why you didn't just stop. You need to learn to be sexy another way if that what you want to do.

Which FML were you reading exactly? Pretty sure this one doesn't involve a chair, let alone someone choking on it.

jcash52426 5

I hate the auto correct on my phone. Chair is suppose to be hair

RedCronos 17

The fact that you went through with it is impressive

You're a keeper, and any man would be lucky to have you.

sohigh10 34

Awh.. you're impressive for continuing, but shouldn't sex be fun, or at least not horribly uncomfortable, for both?

My thoughts exactly. (Or maybe I am just jealous because I would have definitely stopped to remove the hair.)

Sex should be comfortable for both. But occasionally something awkward happens. And stopping ruins the mood, and/or makes your partner feel unsexy, or like they did something wrong. OP is an amazing partner. Was there no way to keep it sexy and get rid of that hair?

You're clearly more dedicated to the cause of sexiness than me. I've got to the point where the sight of me scrambling to get hairs out of my mouth probably turns my partner on due to some sort of pavlovian response.

Screw your husband, that's disgusting. But your a champ though and he doesn't even ******* know how lucky he is.

The husband didn't do anything? Not all men are perfectly hairless. There's no reason to be upset with OP's husband for something he can't control. Not all men are comfortable with manscaping either.

It's like you starred in a bizarre hair fetish porno, but the writer didn't have that particular fetish, so they used Word's find-and-replace to swap out all instances of "cum" with "hair".

I sincerely hope no-one has "chest cums"