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Today, my boyfriend was inside a cell phone store talking to a sales guy while I waited outside. I sent him a text, not realizing that the guy was using his phone to call customer service. A topless photo of me shows up on his phone when I text him. The sales guy looked. Twice. FML
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YDI for letting people take topless photos of you. Good luck with life if you ever break up, because he'll probably pull a dick move and post it on the internet.

Why the **** would you text him if you're sitting just outside?


YDI for letting people take topless photos of you. Good luck with life if you ever break up, because he'll probably pull a dick move and post it on the internet.

now now. don't b hating on nudes but 90% of guys just delete them after the breakup. no point in new gf finding them and freaking out.

Hey nakedboy, do you have a source for that 90% you just pulled out of your sleeve? And by source I don't mean MSN homepage.

no it's an estimate I'm not naked I have boxers on, in my group we just don't show a few times yah but most of the girls nah, it's disrespectful to the girl.

what the hell did you just try to say? and congrats on the photo, are you getting as many hookups from the Fmylife community as you had hoped? Its so not pathetic.... really... its not pathetic at all

I will NOT click on goodies' profile. I will NOT click on goodies' profile. I will not... *clicks on goodies' profile* Goddamit.

Goodie's profile won't load on my iPhone... wait, what was the FML about again?

imnot tryin for Hookups haha I'm showing hard work

Yeah because what would every man want more that delete a photo of a topless ex, right?

been there, it'll happen. no matter what he says! don't do it!

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i agree.. moreover why would you let him set it as your contact id

wow you look good for being prego(;

lol thanks kyarush, I'm a little bigger then that now though ;p !

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why do people do things like OP and 57? keep your damn shirts on people...

It's none of your business 73. I am a proud mother to be. I don't have a topless photo for an explicit reason. I have it to show the little miracle growing inside me. I'm happy, and as far as Im concerned, your opinion means absolutely nothing to me. If you don't like, don't look. thank yeeew !

I agree you do look amazing for being pregnant! btw congrats.

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Thank you !!! People these days ...-_-

your picture says a thousand words....

What were you thinking? nevermind, obviously nothing

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It's nice to hear that you're a proud teen mom, but you can I dunno.... still wear a shirt and people that can tell the difference between fat and pregnant would figure it out. if I were to put up a picture like that, to show how flat my stomach is, i'd get crap. why should someone that got pregnant outside of wedlock get any special treatment?

haters- stfuu! thanks everyone else <3

aww. look at your beautiful pregnant belly. you look amazing. how long till you're due

jisaac09 25

@111, Pulling out has been proven to be as effective as condoms, if executed properly. (no saying the test were reliable) @ Everyone against nude pics: My last four girlfriends have all sent me nude pictures and none of them have ever ended up online or sent around to anyone (that i know of). Im just saying some guys aren't COMPLETE assholes, we are capable of not doing something bad.

hey, she fine. I'd take care of someone elses kid.... cuz.... she.... fine. lol

totally due April 23rd :) much bigger then that now! haha. Wish the haters could stfu. tarmenting crowd.

tweetbaby14 18

124, it's disgust not jealousy or "hate"; get it right. stereotypical uneducated teen mom believing that the world is against her.

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wow you guys have no life! who cares if she's a "teen mom" you act like she's the only one in the world. get over it. at least she's happy and isn't saying stupid shit on here like you assholes are.

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Uh, 133, that's my baby cousin cruise. I'm a 16 year old female...

jisaac09 25

Actually, in all test i have ever read about (I don't go looking it up i just stumble upon them, and once again I'm not saying they're reliable) say that if done properly pulling out is AS effective as condoms. And it is a scientific fact that precum itself has no sperm, the only way sperm can be in precum is if you already had sperm in the urethra. And if that is the case then your URINE can actually get a girl pregnant. FACT: The pullout method has worked for me 100% of the time, none of my exes are pregnant with mine, or anyone else's baby. But it all fairness i do utilize condoms and pulling out every time (sometimes the condom breaks) and my steady girls use the pill. (Better safe than sorry any day of the week)

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I'm am a proud virgin by choice yay

136 Get off your high horse. Just because you THINK you're smarter than everyone else doesn't make you right, you pompous ****.

Justalilrandom.. ? stop talking. No one cares how "educated" you are. you have no idea how educated people on here may be! and I don't appreciate you saying stuff about me, and being unwed and craap! It's none of your concern. I can totally take care of my child, even if I was single. Im going to school and getting my bachelors degree in science. I don't consider myself uneducated. So please, your making a show of yourself, so stop talking.. thank you.

yeww?! learn some English before you bring another non educate in this world! haha

you're a dick.... you should applaud her for being happy with a difficult situation not talk down to her, you wont be helping her take care of that baby so why are you concerned?

you're a dick.... you should applaud her for being happy with a difficult situation not talk down to her, you wont be helping her take care of that baby so why are you concerned?

It's funny how this whole FML comment about nude pics led to a girl's pregnancy and what is best and blah blah . -___- Wow!

Jissac09- Ok pulling out is closer to luck than a proven effective method. Condoms are much safer along with birth control. So you shouldn't rely on that and no one really should because if you mess up once and get unlucky, Bam you got a big respondsiblity. Newfiegirl- I just saw this Fml so I did not see your weird nude picture. Don't act like being prego at 18 and unmarried is fantastic. you absolutely should not encourage others so follow that path. Grats on having a kid and maybe it'll make your life better. But you shouldn't be proud of getting knocked up (if that happened) (IF*). And don't get on here getting pissed at haters because you asked for it. Stop being annoying. Thanks :D.

If the "pullout method has worked for you 100% of the time" maybe you're sterile. Just sayin...

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Wow people are really obnoxious. It was a comment complimenting a girls belly. It's not up to anyone to judge that. If she is taking care of the baby and doing good, Then shut the **** up. It's not your business and it won't be. Also no, the pullout method doesn't work great. Take a health class.

If you can't trust the person you're with enough to not spread your shit everywhere, why the **** are you dating them in the first place? I vote YDI on this one, but only because the picture pops up whenever she texts him (that's just asking for it), not simply because she sent her boyfriend a sexy picture. -.- People do that all the time with their significant other. It's totally normal and only douchebags end up posting that shit. It has much more to do with judge of character- AS WITH MANY THINGS- than the actual act of sending pictures.

Why the **** would you text him if you're sitting just outside?

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He did a double take, aye? You got to hand it to him for almost risking his job just to see your fat ass ****.

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wow...your costume

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great costume. no one would ever think of that

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I don't think it's his... it was on a website I saw for costumes and epic fail

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yeah.this is one epic fail.

I don't have anything against (half-)naked photos - as long as you are aware of the consequences - but a topless photo that shows up whenever he receives a message of you? YDI. That's just so terribly wrong. Everybody who has his gsm (friends, parents, family, teachers...or salesmen) will see you naked when you send unknowingly a message. That's just asking from problems. YDi YDI YDI.

you're stupid for letting him take a picture of you topless...&letting him have it on his phone to pop up when you text him& for texting him when you were right outside...

lol. I agree that was all around just plain stupid.

You and your boyfriend are both idiots. You know every one of his friends has seen that photo, right?

His friends, his classmates, casual acquaintances, his parents, siblings, the guy at the gas station, the waiter at the diner, the guy who washes his car, the lesbian in his Spanish class...