By btchzloveit - / Thursday 29 September 2011 12:27 / United States
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  perdix  |  29

Isn't North Korea and the DMZ part of the Pacific area?

Even if he gets deployed to a peaceful area, he can run at the locals like a madman and be brought down by "friendly fire."

  malbell07  |  0

PMeg you need to do something about it. It is beyond your control and it's destroying you. You don't know how close I am to talking to your parents or even his! And if he is suicidal some one needs to tell his parents! Him and I dot get along, but know one should feel like that!

  gardianlh24  |  0

Finally, it took for-fucking-ever to find someone to actually thank this guy for military service. My grandfather is out in Afghanistan and there is nothing like being able to contact home. I thank you sir for serving our country. God bless and be safe!

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