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  Today, I was sleeping because I had been sick. The closest bathroom to mine is the one in my parents room. I wake up and feel like I have to throw up, I run into my parents room to go to the bathroom. I walk in on my parents having sex. Shocked, I gasp for air then throw up all over their bed. FML
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@121 if you want the answer read #2's username.

Also if you think about it it is a poorly made floorplan. Having a bathroom all the way across the house from the non-master bedrooms seems like a bad idea in general

By  Kat_MS  |  0

#4 Yeah but that knowledge doesn't help the shock when you see it in action :P, and I assume it just triggered the throw-up that was going to happen anyway.

When I feel sick usually I have an old bowl or bucket next to me in bed because I know I'll probably not reach the toilet in time, lol. If you have to run through your parents room to get to the bathroom maybe its a good idea to start doing something like that?

By  berii  |  0

Grody... They couldn't wait until you weren't sick anymore and at school or out shopping or something to freaking have sex?!?!? they deserved to have you throw up on their bed...

  genius_man16  |  0

yes, because having sex when your daughter is sleeping is really gross and they deserve that.

Not only that, but of course the parents don't have lives where they can just have sex when she is at school, cuz they don't have jobs or anything.