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Today, I got fired from my childcare job of five years because the other staff weren't as popular with the kids, so they accused me of being "creepy" because the kids all wanted to play a game with me instead of them. FML
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Maybe they should look into why the kids don't like the other staff members....

"Awww, too bad guys, now you won't have anyone to take care of you because the adults are babies themselves".


"Awww, too bad guys, now you won't have anyone to take care of you because the adults are babies themselves".

JMichael 25

Schools are getting ridiculous these days. Anyone heard about them banning any superhero merchandise from schools because it promotes violence? What the actual ****?

She got fired, so no they don't have OP.

7, I worked at a preschool where we were not allowed to even talk about superheroes with the kids. Any holiday related activities and conversation was also banned. If a kid excitedly told me about his Halloween costume, I had to change the subject.

Paranoia is rampant. Everyone is a pedophile, rapist, and/or creep when they meet certain innocuous and completely normal criteria (e.g., being a dude who likes kids, telling a girl you like her, etc.). I feel like said paranoia will be the downfall of America.

KeannaLove 32

Maybe they should look into why the kids don't like the other staff members....

Yeah instead of assuming he's some kind of creep who persuades the kids.

#72 does fr mean foreal or ****** right? cause I've asked a few different ppl and got about 60 saying foreal and 40 saying ****** right

Exercise your constitutional right and have all the kids join in for a vote.

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That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works!

I don't think that a daycare is run quite the same as the government.

A daycare couldnt do any worse at running the country than the government is

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They can't that's the point. they call it reasonable suspicion and that's that. It's quite bogus really. They don't need to prove anything in America typically unless you're protected by a particularly strict state or workers union.

They can't prove it and that's why OP's termination is unlawful and discriminatory and hopefully gets a lawyer and files a lawsuit. Im sure there is some slander and defamation that is being said against OP too.

How would you have been creepy if they all wanted to play a game with you? Wouldn't the kids want to avoid you if you were being creepy? I would think if they all wanted to play a game with you that you're good with kids and great at your job.

Children can't necessarily understand that "creepiness" is wrong. Abused ones usually don't know molestation is bad until they grow up.

Um, exactly what game was it that OP liked to play with the children?

@ #20 ya but they still shy away from their attacker, they might not be able to grasp the situation but they still know something isn't right about what's going on

sad world we live in :( if you are that good with kids though I bet you will find another place. of luck OP.

I used to work at a school while I was in college. I found when kids didn't like a staff member, usually it's because they were mean to children. Find out why they liked you over the others. It might help you get your job back.

It really depends what the game was, and if you are male or female!

Being male shouldn't matter. It helps guys get set for good parenting. But this whole stigma of men and pedophilia doesn't help any of us for when we WANT to raise children. I once even tried to get a tutoring gig when I was 14. I called the number provided, and was rejected simply for being a male, which was NOT specified at all.

I don't understand what gender has to do with it. One of my daughters day care teachers is male and he's the most patient, caring and fun teacher there

I've seen teachers be fired for this shit, and it's really not that funny. kids don't like molesters, they like good people. it erks me.

Well actually the majority of abused children like their abusers. They can even ask to be molested again because they think it's love. That's only part of grooming, alas. Pretty sad.

#19, that's not true!! You need to look it up and get factual data. Just because a child doesn't always report the abuse doesn't mean that they like it. Some children do tell someone but aren't believed because the abuser is someone who is seemingly upstanding in the community

Or some kids are afraid for theirs or their families lives since they are threatened not to tell. Or they're afraid that they won't be believed

19 didn't say the kids liked it. But one of the things molestors do is groom their victims and tell them that this is the way they show their love to children. And since he creeps look for vulnerable children (kids with inattentive parents, kids already being abused) it is easier to convince the child that it is love.

I'm telling you the truth. Children can like the abuse. Actually that's only physical responses to stimulus, but that's enough. Children can feel sexual pleasure. The abuser makes them think they asked for it, again that's grooming. It doesn't mean children can consent. You can search on the internet : "****** during sexual abuse" so you can check it out for yourself. (You'd find A LOT of evidence...) (By the way I'm not a peadophile, I tell you this because I experienced it when I was a child. I'm still dealing with all this crap...)