By Anonymous - 01/09/2015 04:37 - New Zealand - Albany

Today, I invited an acquaintance over for tea. When he came in, I told him to make himself at home. He took it literally and now half of my pantry is messed up, my boyfriend's chocolate supply is gone, and I'm pretty sure our couch is broken. Thanks. FML
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Is he Zoidberg?

Well then...that escalated quickly


Well then...that escalated quickly

why do bad things happen to good people? fyl OP

Op could be a horrible person, no offense op.

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That's not how sarcasm works

At first I thought he'll strip like Joe when Monica invited him over for a lemonade.

leogachi 15


Funnily enough, I'm on a Friends bender on Netflix right now. Just saw that episode last week.

Wow.. What were you doing the whole time?

Worth noting, OP is from New Zealand. In NZ we often refer to "dinner" as "tea".

...and you just sat back and watched?

Nah op leaned back cause the couch was broke.

Is he Zoidberg?

can I be your friend?

Don't you mean acquaintance ?

I would hate to see what his actual home looked like.

chocolate supply?

He sounds like a winner!