By upsetandunjustified - 04/11/2010 05:19 - United States

Today, I got fired from my job where you build teddy bears. I got fired not because I did anything wrong, just because they don't like my personality. I'd never worked with my boss, and that means all the employees that work there had a meeting about me, and all confirmed they don't like me. FML
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dynky 3

is it legal to fire someone just because you don't like them?

i guess they couldnt 'bear' working with you. Aha :)


dynky 3

is it legal to fire someone just because you don't like them?

yes- If the job is to be friendly and outgoing which most retail jobs are then of course you can get fired for not being that. Op- You got fired from Build a Bear... that's freakin hilarious.

i_smell_failure 0

it is Teddy bears. freaking teddy bears.

OP was probably telling the wee kids that the stuffing was the bears guts and that at night they'll come alive and eat their face...


These damn cuddle bears! I'm going to strangle one! >_<

cantfightfate 0

#1- in georgia it is legal to fire someone for whatever reason you choose. (nondiscriminatory) however, if the reason is not legit, they are able to collect unemployment. it may be like that in Tennessee too, idk.

Everyone can't be wrong OP... reminds of when I was kicked out of the scouts for inappropriately touching the cub scouts. it was one time and I was drunk! cmon give me a break!!

think it's illegal to fire someone it has to be reason why he or she was fired.

Yes, it's screwed up that you can get fired over majority vote, which is why Republican party is better.

phreshboi 1

my mom had a person like that and everyone disliked her, I could see this as being her in this situation, and I think that shes being a bitich but on the other hand I don't know her whole story and personality. so I'm just assuming so don't hate just my opinion

Then it means you should work on your personality for sure. Smile more! Greet people! Its not that hard

rainbowsherbet 0

the bears didn't like you so they tattled.

I knew a very conservative, religious family that called female genitalia "binkies", and baby binkies "nookies." O.o

I'm pretty sure you can't fire someone for that reason without a warning..? laaame

RedPillSucks 31

Each state has different laws/rules about procedures needed to fire people. Some states allow employers to basically "fire at will".

Most states are fire at will however they can obtain unemployment.

TerrorDollie 0

That's the worst flipping reason ever! They can't do that unless it either prevents you or others from getting work done or you've actually gotten into some major conflicts, right?

Not really. If her job involves salesmanship or working with kids, a quiet, reserved, laid-back, or pessimistic personality wouldn't suit the job well. Just as being a goofy person probably wouldn't work well as a bereavement counselor, or a very shy person wouldn't make a good server.

Maybe op is a massive douche baggy prick who is a ******** to everyone, we don't know.

You should've used the teddies ad your rolemodels, and been cuddly and happy and fun and fluffy.

It is always amusing to read a comment about how a job can't fire someone for X reason and how it's unfair. Those comments are usually followed up with one saying to sue for unlawful termination. So cute. OP, you must be a top notch bitch. Even the way you assume they called a meeting to gripe about you is annoying. Maybe you are such an unpleasant cow that your coworkers went to your boss individually to complain about your behaviour. This is how the world works. If you are amazing at a specialised job, you can be less than enjoyable to be around (a la Dr. House). You can't be an entry-level peon with a bad attitude. And, make no mistake, your personality does suck. If everyone around you says the same thing, it's probably true.

JustStopSucking 0

And boom goes the dino-right. nailed it.

So true! Hate to burst everyones bubble but this is a valid reason that a person could be fired from a retail job and a lawsuit would just be wasted money. In the real world, life isn't fair at all

Dammit! That's what I was going to say!

karmaslave 5

Right on. I get the impression that a lot of these lawsuit-happy kids haven't worked a day in their lives.

That's what I was thinking, 10. I'm not sure why they assumed there was some sort of meeting. I think what really happened is that they had customer complaints or something. Do places like that get secret shoppers? That could also do it.

or there was a single employee who bitched about the op for petty reasons to a higher up, and the higher up didn't want to resolve the problem, so he simply fired the op

I totally agree, IF. The assumption about the meeting is such a stretch, and not working directly with the boss doesn't mean OP had no contact whatsoever. A few brief encounters in passing or between shifts is certainly enough to find out if OP's an unpleasant person, dividing factor, negative influence, etc. That's not even considering the possibility that coworkers may have gone to the boss individually to complain about OP.

ShadyFTW1 0

10 I really enjoyed reading your rant. Nicely done.

10 for the win! perfectly said, and 100% correct with the information.

I was gonna say she's prob a bitch but you said it in more detail! Score!