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Yeah, seriously. You should not have texted him First. :P

my god! Guys have issues.


Yeah, seriously. You should not have texted him First. :P

I see what you did there. :x

Yeah. You should have texted him 11th.

i believe you guys read it wrong. op's mad cuz she fed him for free.

He was probably just that desperate :)

#3, you just earned the reward for 'The Most Horrid Comment Ever'. Congratulations.

Damn, damn, damn!! I was SO in the running for that award! I was robbed!!

Hey taco! Do you crap ice cream? Awesome.


well when did you?

sounds like a joke...

yeah, I wouldn't have texted him so quickly, BUT he definitely took that wrong. you should have texted back "when did you get so dimwitted?"

So quickly? It's friday. If it really was the weekend then that was a few days ago. I see nothing wrong with her response

I think she was being polite and sweet by texting him. It was only one text after all just to let him know she would be interested to go out again sometime in the future.

Looks like he isn't getting any.

what if no one calls after the first date? it's ok to keep folks like yourself from pissing in the gene pool, but not for the rest of us

my god! Guys have issues.

If this comment were about women it would've been given at least -10 votes and probably moderated...

Man up, we don't moderate mundane stupidity.

Also that's clearly not true because there are several FML with comments similar to that about women and the comments get thumbed up quite a bit.

#41... do you moderate redundancies?

ydi needy pol make me sick. jk he's an idiot

Agreed! Some guys are ridiculous when it comes to girls or dating. This was meant for comment 15, I'm not sure why it posted on this one...