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By  CockRocket  |  0

Think how that poor Goat feels.

"I was walking around outside today for the first time in a year after my surgery. Even after having one of my Legs removed I still wanted to walk. I finally managed it, then some asshole came running from out of nowhere and fell over me unconscious and I couldn't move for 3hours. I'm now being put down because he threatened to sue."

Well, either that or.

"I was off looking for some delicious little sheep to bang and someone came and ran into me. Damn sucka got laid out so I was all AWW HAAEEELLL NAW DAWG. I aint paying for no Sheep. I'll just bang this fool while they out of it."

  cldean24  |  4

81, where did your clothes go? I am sure you were attractive before you lost them.

For some reason I imagine somewhere in Ireland. Not in town though, then it would have been a drunk instead of a goat.

  cldean24  |  4

hahaha, 90 did you just find that picture somewhere or do you know a kid that actually wrote that?