By Anonymous - 27/04/2011 03:07 - United States

Today, I got concussion after a goat ran in front of me while I was jogging. FML
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Think how that poor Goat feels. "I was walking around outside today for the first time in a year after my surgery. Even after having one of my Legs removed I still wanted to walk. I finally managed it, then some asshole came running from out of nowhere and fell over me unconscious and I couldn't move for 3hours. I'm now being put down because he threatened to sue." Well, either that or. "I was off looking for some delicious little sheep to bang and someone came and ran into me. Damn sucka got laid out so I was all AWW HAAEEELLL NAW DAWG. I aint paying for no Sheep. I'll just bang this fool while they out of it."


hahaha u shud've stopped, raised an eyebrow, get on 1 knee and say "REALLY!?!?!" (:

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Total winnage #2! You're a gentleman and a scholar.

I've heard this saying before! Where is it from? lol

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#2 is so awesome that he looks like the kid from Hot Tube Time Machine.

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lol to protect u from ramming goats chew stride spark

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haha. thats some funny stuff #2

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103... your profile pic is hooooottttttt!!!

there was 21 replies which are all mysteriously gone. :S

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I know! You still look like the Hot Tub Time Machine kid to me!!

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stride is.... what the ****, AWESOME.

that'll teach you to never spill the secrets of stride...

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new York is the best that's where I'm from to

I... I don't....even... Skbabdhnaja Toasters.

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exactly. there are no appropriate jokes for this one, all i can think after reading this was "really, a ******* goat?!"

he didn't make it very far after crossing paths with the goat ;)

couldave bin worse like raging elephants or trolling trolls

I read this and just stared going what the ****!

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where do you jog that you run into goats...?

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that is a question every wants to know!

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OP is from the country obviously!

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In the Rocky Mountains which go into the states from Canada I believe in... Montanna? but in the Rockies there are tons of mountain goats

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81, where did your clothes go? I am sure you were attractive before you lost them. For some reason I imagine somewhere in Ireland. Not in town though, then it would have been a drunk instead of a goat.

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My neighbor has a pet goat that he keeps in a cage behind his house. It chases people if it gets out lol

im confused not only about this goat thing, but wtf is 101 talking about???

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How fast were you jogging that you couldn't stop?.

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I know, right? It's a lot easier to slam on the brakes if you're on foot.

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that's one fast mother ****** goat!

u should have stopped, gotten on 1 knee, raised an eyebrow, stared the stupid goat down and said "REALLY?!?"

you deserve it for jogging inside a farm. next time try jogging in a park or something.

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what is the OP cant cuz there not some where close to a park

Only till a mod see your moronic post and has you for breakfast. Idiot.

Just as well you weren't Jogging naked and it stopped infront of you and you ended up in it. That would've been very Baaaah-d.

As described in my profile picture. How convenient..

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hahaha, 90 did you just find that picture somewhere or do you know a kid that actually wrote that?

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I heard that people who post "first" are bitches.